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Leliana's Song DLC suitable for Elite achievement?

Posted on 30 March 18 at 15:18, Edited on 30 March 18 at 15:20 by Noquelle
I can't remember what level she's at in the DLC, and I'm looking to snag an E achievement for the 10th birthday challenge; Elite or Educated look the most likely from my current list, though goodness knows how I'm going to get the Es from "achievements": I simply don't have enough left. Anyway, the question was, at what level does Leliana start in this DLC, please? I forget. I've barely played the game on this account.
Tria -
Posted on 31 March 18 at 02:03, Edited on 31 March 18 at 02:07 by bblcreator8790
I believe you start at level 10 in Leliana's song. So you'd have to play for a bit to get up in level but level 14 should be achievable.

If you have Awakening, I think starting a new character there starts you out at level 18. I can't remember, but you might have to have someone teach you the specialization in the main campaign so you can have them unlocked in the expansion. But I can't remember for sure.

Getting the Educated achievement is easy if you have the GOTY edition as it should come with the pre-order bonus which gives you a free tome if you start as a human noble. Otherwise, you can buy one at your camp I think which isn't too far into the game when you get there the first time.
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