Game Discussion: Dig Dug

Controls don't seem to respond

  • nemesis646nemesis646311,016
    Posted on 31 March 18 at 10:24, Edited on 31 March 18 at 10:33 by nemesis646
    Hi everyone,

    At the risk of being laughed off the site, Dig doesn't seem to respond to anything I do. Even though I am clearly told to use the directional stick and "A" to fire the harpoon, Dig seems to do his own thing regardless of my input, and thus the exact same thing happens over and over again with Dig being cornered and my growling in frustration.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Edit: problem fixed. In the unlikely event anyone was as stupid as I was, apparently you have to press "1P ready". Don't be dumb like me, folks.
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