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How to get the all the races achievement?

Posted on 04 April 18 at 13:46, Edited on 04 April 18 at 13:48 by enanenes
Hi! I hope someone can help me!

I'm one of the many people that couldn't get the "Time Waits For No Kang" (Complete all races in Chronopolis) achievement,

In the net, some people say that happens when you put the cheat codes in Gweenpool room to get characters (although cheat codes are just for fun in Lego games and don't mess up with the achievements), other say it's just bugged some times.

The truth is that I did all the races twice, just to be sure, and still no achievement. And yes, I have all races unblocked, and also did all the other things in the map.

That said, I read some people were starting a new game to get the achievement. But the truth is that I never read someone got the achievement on his/her second playthrough. I would like to know if that really worked for someone.

Also, I would like to know how to do that. Should I just start a second slot game or should I erase the game and the game save from the console before downloading it again and trying it?

If I should erase the save game, I have another question. Is it possible to not erase it and transfer it? In XBox 360 we could transfer it to a pen (or to the cloud), but it seems I can't transfer game saves to an external hard drive in Xbox One (or am I doing something wrong?). If I could, I would do that and disconnect that hard drive while trying to get the achievement, so that I could get my first save back once the achievement popped. That would save a lot of time to get all the characters again, one thing I would like to have when start playing the different DLC (for the freeplay).

Thank you in advance for any input you can give me!
Posted on 04 April 18 at 21:45
Never played the game myself but know that LEGO games can be buggy, I would suggest starting in a second save slot myself.
The issue is, if that doesn't work you will want to delete all data and start over to see if it works that way, potentially playing a very long game 3 times.

Unfortunately (as far as I know anyway) you can't transfer a local save to an external drive, everything is saved in the cloud and syncs constantly.

The only thing you could do is disconnect from the internet, play the game and do all the races again, the achievement won't pop until you go online though and at that point it will (should) ask which save you want to use.
If the achievement pops then you can pull you cloud save back down and have all your progress back, if it doesn't pop then you are back to the same situation you are now.

That is my understanding of the save systems on XB1 anyway, would be great if someone could verify or correct me on it if necessary.
Yours sincerely, TG
Posted on 11 April 18 at 18:34
hey i wrote a post about this achievement not unlocking and i used cheat codes and the way i got it to unlock was to re-do the race that unlocks Groot (Ravager) it is in the hydra empire when that was the only achievement i had left all the races were ticked off so i tried doing them all again but i started with the ones that unlock characters from the cheats but try that one its the only thing i can suggest
Mr W Wilson
Mr W Wilson
Posted on 04 November 18 at 23:40
I can confirm the Groot (Ravager) race works if you do it again. Wish I saw this earlier before I went and completed the story a 2nd time.
Posted on 12 February 19 at 04:21
I think there's a good chance the sleep mode glitch got me on this one. I have 100% completion, but didn't unlock this.

I've done all the races at least twice no with no luck. I tried the suggested fix from DC Super Villains on the off chance it would work here too. Has anyone found a fix besides restarting? This is a long game to have to do again.
Posted on 28 April 19 at 04:06, Edited on 28 April 19 at 04:08 by HolyHalfDead
There is a way to backup your Xbox One saves, but you need a second Xbox One. Load the game on both Xboxes to backup your save. To restore your backup, delete the online and offline saves on one console, then load the game on the second console to have the backup copied online.
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