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Betrayal event trigger theory

Posted on 05 April 18 at 11:19, Edited yesterday at 21:30 by Momiji
Was supposed to post this a very long time ago when helping a friend and we managed to get the betrayal event almost every game this way. May have been complete coincidence so I need more people to try this to see if it really does work or not. Anyway here’s the rundown, required 3 players obviously.

Player who wants betrayal collects all scarabs/Skull. This seemed to trigger more events in general for us.
Then get your opponent to low health and have your team mate steal the kill everytime, this triggered the betrayal contract within a few kills for us.

I find it hard to be a coincidence after how many people I’ve helped level to 99 and how rarely they used to show up before we tried it this way.

If it works for you please post it here the betrayals are harder than the trials when it comes to the completion lol
Desi Shinobi
Desi Shinobi
Posted on 16 April 18 at 07:28
Definitely will need to give this a shot as I require all the MP requirements to unlock all of Unknown Ninja items
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