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Xbox One Sale and Spring Add-On Roundup: April 10th, 2018

  • zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz1,603,816
    Posted on 11 April 18 at 18:27
    TymanTheLong said:
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz said:
    TymanTheLong said:
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz said:
    Anyone play PANKAPU? Never heard of it, but looks interesting...
    I actually backed it on Kickstarter, it's an adorable little platformer. I haven't gotten too far but I don't think it's nearly as hard as Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams or anything. It's from a cool little studio that literally made it on a shoestring budget, if you have the cash I'd highly recommend supporting them. The art style alone is worth paying for even if you only mess around in the first few easy levels, imo.
    Thanks for the info! The art style is what caught my eye! So are you saying the game gets randomly hard, lile there is a huge spike in difficulty that is out of the blue?
    I haven't finished it but from what I've read from others who've 100% the achievements it is pretty low difficulty. One poster compared it to Bastion for difficulty. Even if you're tragically inept, such as myself, my impression is that you'll be able to complete the game.

    As for the art, if you've only watched a video it almost doesn't do it justice. My comment about the the difficulty was more to imply that the first couple of levels are extremely, extremely easy, not to indicate there's a sharp spike into "difficult" territory.
    Thanks man! Really appreciate it. Gonna go ahead and pick it up, thanks for the recommendation!
  • Posted on 11 April 18 at 22:56
    Damn. Might pick up ultimate pack for injustice 2 for 27.99. Was going to sell my disk copy and grab the ultimate edition but this seems better.
  • Posted on 11 April 18 at 23:16
    i will get arkham knight season pass. that is good. fallout goty for 30$ is a very good deal. i shamefully still have neevr played fallout 4 that came with my xbox bundle due to little time and a massave backlog. i got hellblade also today as a side fyi, can't waitt o give it a go
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong460,153
    Posted on 11 April 18 at 23:23
    SgtScrotes310 said:
    Damn. Might pick up ultimate pack for injustice 2 for 27.99. Was going to sell my disk copy and grab the ultimate edition but this seems better.
    Injustice 2 has been going in the background since I got up, leveling every character to 30. I love, love, love this game and have played it a crap-ton. But it's a massive time sink, I hope you know what you're getting into! laughlaugh
  • Posted on 12 April 18 at 01:43
    It looks like I'm the only one that waited this long to get the RE7 season pass? So glad it's finally on sale for a decent price!
  • XellizXelliz329,848
    Posted on 12 April 18 at 15:05
    In case it hasn't been pointed out. The Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth is actually the Complete edition bundle for $2.90, which includes the items below (which is everything but the base game).

    Demonic Weapons Pack
    The Arcane Boost
    The Foundation Boost
    The Lionheart Pack
    The Monk's Decipher
    Ancient Labyrinth
  • UnfurledEmu75UnfurledEmu751,066,802
  • FinderKeeperFinderKeeper127,864
    Posted on 14 April 18 at 05:24, Edited on 14 April 18 at 05:25 by FinderKeeper
    halohogg said:
    LuckyConquerer2 said:
    halohogg said:
    The Dirt 4 Info column shows "1 unobtainable achievement" yet there are no flags set against the game. Is this an error on the Sale page?
    The discontinued flag from Dirt 4 was removed yesterday. It was for:
    DiRT 4Flavour of the WeekThe Flavour of the Week achievement in DiRT 4 worth 221 pointsComplete back to back Weekly Community Events
    Wow - timing.
    Rich should probably update the Sale list to reflect that, since it will influence the buying decisions of many (if not most) of the people reading this thread. compute
    "That was such über-pwnage." --Kyle Broflovski
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