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Morrowind, Panzer Elite Action & More Coming to OG Backward Compatibility Today?

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic600,931
  • Moelhede42Moelhede42377,913
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:12
    Time to try Morrowind :)
  • Pitupatu71Pitupatu71496,249
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:13
    Morrowind clap
  • ErunionErunion171,464
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:14
    I’ve had Morrowind GotY waiting for me to get to it for ages. This would be a good excuse if true
  • TheOdd101TheOdd101447,228
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:14
    Seeing Destroy all Humans on this list has made me really happy, had so much fun in that game as a kid.
  • Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:17
    Never heard of 'em.
  • MortifervsMortifervs124,023
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:17
    OMG! Morrowind! 0.o
  • CraphexCraphex532,364
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:22
    Aw man Morrowind was my fav, can't wait for the younguns who only played Skyrim to try this one out! clap
  • Capn BeavCapn Beav668,824
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:30
    oh no. I've already sunk so many hours of my life into Morrowind.
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,023,602
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:32
    Without achievements I don't care to play DAH again. It's worth one playthrough least back then it was
  • mcnichojmcnichoj206,667
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 09:49
    Fairly underwhelming if this is all that's gonna be BC.

    Smart on Bethesda's part to put Steam Morrowind on sale though. Piggy back some sales off this news.
  • Jackimo1999Jackimo1999122,182
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 10:08
    I literally just bought Burnout 3 today, hoping it would become backwards compatible. If the original Xbox BC lineup stays this underwhelming, I might just go out and buy an original Xbox
  • Posted on 10 April 18 at 10:15
    I've been waiting on Morrowind! This excites me, but I hope that it includes GOTY edition. I have a copy of both but the UI and dlc of the GOTY make that version a lot better.
  • JDFurbzJDFurbz635,145
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 10:22
    Damn i was hoping the big OG news they have been teasing was the addition of achievements to these old classics. I can't see myself trawling all the way through Morrowind again just for fun or nostalgia. But if they added cheevos, that'd be a different story.
  • BattleWolfLVBattleWolfLV443,372
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 10:32
    dear m$, you shittin me
    Gamer since 1992: Elektronika BK-0010 -> NES -> SEGA Mega Drive 2 -> PC -> XBOX360 / X-ONE
  • Owen H BrownOwen H Brown354,088
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 10:35
    I thought you were all achievement nuts... Why would Morrowind reverse compatibility raise an eyebrow? I played through it twice in 2004 and loved it but it's not worth investing my time in again with no achievements. I'll just keeping playing the many open world RPGs around today.
  • EPSILON 616EPSILON 616197,556 197,556 GamerScore
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 10:54
    It is worth noting that some titles already on the marketplace will also see BC.
  • KenH2k4KenH2k4549,720
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 11:01
    I've been hoping the 360 Destroy All Humans goes BC, so this could be a good sign
  • TitianDanTitianDan813,529
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 11:12
    I used to love DAH smile
    D Jones
    Posted on 10 April 18 at 11:23
    Yes I have Morrowind on disk I never got to play it cool
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