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Annihilation Update in Ruiner achievements found

  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,134,156
    Posted on 12 April 18 at 10:50Permalink
    Oh nooooooooooo why do you hav to complete speed run under 1 hour oh noooo you have to learn EVERYYYYYTHING all the maps perfectly risky killing without dying once sigh omg nooo ^~^
  • Posted on 13 April 18 at 06:05, Edited on 13 April 18 at 06:06 by infamousSparklePermalink
    My point exactly...
    Saw the update prior to the achievements coming up and thought to myself... Thank God they didn't add achievements to this update - that would have been brutal. Fastforward... achievements added :/

    Speed-run under one hour is insane.
    Not touching this game again for a while...
  • Clad masterClad master2,110,317
    Posted on 13 April 18 at 07:28Permalink
    Indeed,the speedrun under 1 hour is brutal,i mean really brutal...

    400G quite easy in 4-6hrs but the costume achievement will definitely be a real pain
  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,134,156
    Posted on 13 April 18 at 11:47Permalink
    Yep speed run is really anoyying , you don’t even have time to open boxes so you don’t even have many upgrades -.-, ruiner kills will take to much extra time aswell if you die once your allready screw up .
    Using overkill or overload I don’t remember the name will help grenades for the angel cores for bosses you can use overkill\overload and stun grenades .urghh
    If the difficulty would be on easy then it would be fine , still hard though but more doable since you have to rush through the game with almost no upgrades . Well looks like we have to test a lot of things out^_^
  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,134,156
    Posted on 14 April 18 at 09:48Permalink
    Is anyone trying this ? I think I give up because on the Xbox and ps4 you have the ability to do ruiner kills now , which mean once an enemy is almost dead they get stunned . You can do an execution which takesssss wayyyyyyy to much time or you can try to hit them normally which doesn’t always work . The speed runs on YouTube they don’t have those annoooooying ruiner kills. I was always wondering why I’m always 1-2 minutes slower on most of these stages even though I’m doing exactly what the World record guide is doing hmm
  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,134,156
    Posted on 14 April 18 at 20:06Permalink
    Ohhhh u can turn the ruiner kills of this achievement is •STILL ¿≠¥[£{£{£[\££^¥]¥¥•¥¥[¥¥[¥•¥]¥•¥[>[>•>]\¿[¥{{¥¥]£•¥^¥{¥¥¥¥•>>{
  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,134,156
    Posted on 14 April 18 at 20:34Permalink
    And the ps4 doesn’t have that achievement GEGEGGEBSSHWBHHEHHAHAHAHHAHAHA of course just annoy Xbox people
  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,134,156
    Posted on 15 April 18 at 03:01Permalink
  • Clad masterClad master2,110,317
    Posted on 15 April 18 at 20:34Permalink
    Why are you so stupid ?
  • Jamal2807Jamal28071,134,156
    Posted on 16 April 18 at 15:42Permalink
    That’s really mean clapmaster no need to hurt my feelings ;(
    ;( ;( ;(
    Posted on 02 September 18 at 19:37Permalink
    How do you unlock all outfits? Still no guide
  • J2B9J2B9611,102
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