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Posted on 11 July 10 at 08:36
besides the fact that this falls flat on its face.and that the game proves obsidan is incapable of doing a good job,without a publisher keeping on their arses.also it seems to be posibly on par with E.T. for the atari,as a canidate to be buried in the new mexico desert.if the thread title was'nt a big enough clue,thats right i'm talking about the failure that is alpha protocol.

you might say"why start a AP thread?"simple cause i saw obsidian's community forum for AP,and was shocked that under first impressions of this craptacular game.that they obviously have their own employees giving false reviews,under the guise of gamers.i know this is true because ive played the game and know for a fact it was bad.the only thing good about is how your choices effect the game.

but seeing how thats not a new concept its not enough to save this game from the bargin bin.
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King Nothing
King Nothing
Posted on 11 July 10 at 12:16
Or maybe they were actual gamers who enjoyed the game? I played through the game twice, and thoroughly enjoyed both playthroughs. The story was intriguing, and while the combat was 'meh', it was mostly just a filler in between conversations and plot points. I feel that the game is definitely worth a rent at least, or buy when it gets under $30.
Beautiful Oblivion
Posted on 12 July 10 at 11:58
normaly iwould have thought the same,but these ppl completly ignored the many flaws it has.thats when i get suspicious,i liked dragon age.but i can honestly say it has flaws.these ppl didnt see any is suspect at best.
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Posted on 09 August 10 at 07:33
I actually love this game, wonky graphics and all. The only issue that pisses me off is the incongruities between the achievements unlocking. Some of them just seem like they are there just to annoy you.
Posted on 02 January 11 at 09:16
Dude Ive enjoyed it, Im working on my second playthrough now(pesky achievements) It kinda reminds me of the first Mass Effect, minus all the sci fi, but its a raw title, with plenty of flaws, but the concept is pretty good, its mass effect meets splinter cell, shoot man I hated the first mass effect game my first few hours in, but the characters and the story got me hooked, I love it now, cant wait for number 3!!My point being is that for me this game has had the same effect, Ive enjoyed the characters, the storys okay, the graphics are good enough, the shooting mechanics arent great, but its an easy ajustment to make.......This is why we have so few great games, people like yourself want to bash these titles that have solid potential, the sales suck because its a new title and consumers are reading these piss poor comments and reviews, Its not a title that I would have spent 60 bucks for, but if a second one came out I would def spend the 60 bucks for, the flaws could only get better, U should go work for IGN dude, ur good at bashing decent games, I bet u love all the mainstream games though huh???Just like IGN!!!
UnHoly One
UnHoly One
Posted on 10 January 11 at 17:30, Edited on 10 January 11 at 17:31 by UnHoly One
Yeah I don't understand why this game got such harsh reviews. I just recently picked it up and I'm pissed at myself for not buying it at launch.

I played it back to back to back 3 times over, and I'm not done yet.

The original Mass Effect had more technical problems and glitches than I've seen in this game. As well as some of the same issues with less-than-intelligent AI enemies (and partners, in ME).

Hard to imagine one of those two games got 6's and the other got 9's and 10's, they both share a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses, IMO.

Reviewers in general are complete idiots. I stopped looking at review scores years ago, and after playing this one, I think I'm going to stop reading them altogether.

For shit's sake, I actually read a review complaining about the hacking minigames being too hard if you didn't put points into the skill that makes them easier.... REALLY???

That's like deducting points from Dragon Age because you can't throw a fireball at somebody unless you are a Mage... Give me a break.

Who wants an RPG where your character can master everything?? That would defeat the whole purpose of an RPG.
Posted on 12 January 11 at 18:33
doomedtolive said:
Some of them just seem like they are there just to annoy you.
Yeah, played it 3x and still missing the Good and Bad Achievements.
And finding out how to pi** of Marburg to get a 5G Achiev. is totally frustrating. (I finally found a solution on the internet for this) smile

But overall its a great Game with lots of Agent-Parody, tons of dialoges
and a great Multipl. Choice System for a fair Price (now).
Posted on 12 January 11 at 22:35
I enjoyed it. I never would have picked it up because of the bad reviews but fortunately I had some TA friends play it and say it was pretty good.

I've only finished one play through but that's because I loaned the game to a friend. I plan on doing at least one more after I get it back.

Yes, the game has flaws, but so do all games. Is it up to BioWare standards in terms of characterization and character development, no, but then, it's not a BioWare game.

And for the love of God do not get me started on the many, many flaws of Dragon Age: Origins.
SGT Impaler
SGT Impaler
Posted on 08 February 11 at 13:29
I think that many people who gave it poor reviews failed to fully appreciate the title for what it is. Yes, there is an abundance of talking and dialog-driven cutscenes. I think if you try to rate this as an action game, it notably falls short of other action titles. You cant really compare it to a proper FPS but many tried to. You have to look at this as an "espionage RPG," albeit one with some limitations. Additionally, I think those who complained about the combat system were likely playing the game on Easy difficulty and hadnt progressed far enough to invest in weapons skills properly.

The Unholy One above made some excellent comments and I second his notions. Whats the point of an RPG where you can master everything, indeed! The game is all about choices and sacrifices, in the story line, in equipment selection, or in character development. There doesnt seem to be an "uber" weapon or armor or skill set that breaks the game (although fully invested Chain-Shot makes very short work of even the toughest bosses!)

Do yourselves a favor... if you are interested at all in this title, pick it up. Give it a chance, and finish at least one playthrough before you decide about it. I all-but-guarantee you'll choose to do a second playthrough rather than scrapping it!
Obsidian Rocker
Posted on 08 February 11 at 15:37
I played it and thought it was pretty good. As people have said, it has it's flaws but this game had enormous potential. I enjoyed it but not enough for a second playthrough. I might buy it again and try that
Posted on 09 February 11 at 12:51
Bought it for 5€. New. It seems that GAME wants to get rid of that game.
Posted on 15 February 11 at 00:27
i was told by everyone i know its a crappy game and should have never been released i know from experience never listen to them. i played the game myself and ended up buying it and playing it about 5 times now (achievement hunting is fun). if i had listened to people i wouldn't own my favorite games like mass effect, dragon age, alpha protocol, and to many more to name. its not a bad game it could use a little polishing but other than that its fun its inventive and it keeps you guessing whats going to happen with all 3 endings.
Posted on 18 February 11 at 00:08
I bought the game mostly because of the reviews actually. I find it to be a good indicator that if the bad points a reviewer points out are actually okay or even good points in my opinion (for instance with the locks), it's probably a game I would like a lot.

I've noticed a few slight bugs, but not much more than with Mass Effect. And it certainly feels a lot more like an RPG than Mass Effect 2...
Phoenix C64
Phoenix C64
Posted on 19 May 11 at 13:51
got it for 12€ from zavvi.

i saw bad reviews when it came out, but a friend of mine got it later and said it's not that bad. the "not that bad" games are usually on my "to buy when under 15€" list.

so... i started it yesterday, mid way on second mission. i liked it so far, but it was getting late, i wasn't paying enough attention to conversation anymore, so i went to bed. can't wait to get home to play more.

some1 above said "mass effect meets splinter cell"... well i love mass effect and i like splinter cell: conviction... as constructive criticism i must say that i wish APs combat/stealth was half as good as SC:C
but maybe it gets better when i lvl up stealth more, but as for now, even with awareness active all the time, i can't move half a meter without getting detected even tho i see no1 close :S
i guess i should invest more into gadgets, i only have tried 2 apart from the grenades and maybe (hopefully) they will improve my stealth play.

anyways, first impression looks good. as i always do, i do the first playthrough without guides (except for first checking if there is any glitched one or missable one) and then start the chievo hunting playthroughs. looking at the chievo list it looks like i'll have to do a total of 3-4 playthroughs, but it seems to me the chievos are well balanced and will be fun to get.
not like games like fist of north star where the chievos force you to play over and over, while it got boring after the first 5 hours already.
Sonic Grunge
Sonic Grunge
Posted on 31 August 13 at 13:30
Achievements can all be done in 2 1/2 playthroughs. The TA guide is awesome, and I did enjoy this game tons. Will be a 100% by the end of the weekend.
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