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Worth of purchase

Posted on 14 April 18 at 13:08
Hey guys! The last Elder Scrolls game i played was Oblivion and i was extremely disappointed by that as it sucked totally for me (sorry for any butthurt people).
Since then i avoided any Elder Scrolls title that i saw. But lots of people told me Skyrim was soooo much better, but i wasn't sure. But the price and the "updated" version of the game just makes me tickle a little bit.

How is this game in general? The achievements? I remember i bought Oblivion and played it for some days then i put it back and never touched it again. And i have way too much uncompleted RPGs.

I am thinking of giving this title a chance and eventually buying it
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Posted on 14 April 18 at 13:40
oblivion was an awesome game. Skyrim even more.

But maybe tell us what you disliked about oblivion? Then its easier to get an idea about if YOU will like it as much as i did.
Posted on 14 April 18 at 18:12
It's like any RPG really, achievements are easy but the list can be time consuming depending on how you play. You could pretty easily blast through the story and side quests, abuse glitches to level up to max and blow through the achievements in a day. If you actually want to experience the game and all it's quests etc, you could easily play for hundreds of hours.

IMO Skyrim is an amazing game, I've completed it MANY times and I'll probably go back to it again at some point. Like Maize said though, it's hard to say how you'll feel about Skyrim without knowing why you hated Oblivion.
Posted on 14 April 18 at 18:19
Well, it is free to play this weekend, play it and if you don't like it after free play weekend, don't buy it.
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Posted on 14 April 18 at 20:48
I'm of the opinion that Oblivion fucking sucked (outside of the Dark Brotherhood storyline, obviously) and should have never happened. Skyrim is much more fun and has a much better overall storyline plus dual wielding, better enemy design, more interesting locations, etc...

That said, Morrowind will always be the GOAT.
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