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Terminal Velocity DLC delisted?

Posted on 15 April 18 at 09:16
I can not find the Terminal Velocity on the console marketplace. Also not on the marketplace. The other 3 DLCs are there however.

Am I missing something?
Posted on 15 April 18 at 10:43, Edited on 15 April 18 at 10:43 by TangerineGamer
If you got to the game page and then the DLC tab:
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Dlc

You will see the DLC listed (with prices) in a panel on the right hand side called Purchase Options, scroll down and you should see a link for the Terminal Velocity DLC (click the View button to go directly to the page on where you can buy it.

It shows for me at least, I'm in the UK, for £9.99
Yours sincerely, TG
Piston Toyota
Piston Toyota
Posted on 15 April 18 at 22:10
What region of the Marketplace are you shopping from? I did a quick check of all the regions we track for this game and saw it in all of them. At least, I think it’s on the Japanese Marketplace, my Kana is a bit rusty. laugh
Posted on 16 April 18 at 05:38
Thanks guys.
Yeah I just checked again and found it without a problem. All of the DLC. So it must have been a temporary problem on my end (eg I need glasses).
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