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Achievement Description Is In Japanese. Even Though It's Backward Compatible. Any Fix On This?

Posted on 15 April 18 at 10:39, Edited on 15 April 18 at 10:41 by BulgyDragonZord
I will likely repeat myself with some of my words for 2 individual posts as I've got two games on my gamer-card, that I'm suffering this ordeal from, and the reason I'll post the information twice is to catch attention, because these two games are not popular at all.

This is the first game, the other game is - Smash Court Tennis 3 Achievements

Everything I've done here is on the XBox 360 console.

I had to recover my Gamer-Tag because of an achievement glitch in Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Achievements.

When I recovered my tag I decided to load up every single game on my gamer-card, whilst connected to XBox Live to get the Achievement pictures to load up more faster, next time I wanted to look at the achievements for the game.

I came across these two games and I've now noticed the Achievement Description for these two games has been changed. The text is not in English Language, it's in Japanese.

For this game, I did the online achievements for it a short while ago using my main account on the XBox 360, and a dummy account on the XBox One, since it's Backward Compatible. I only had 1 of 12 achievements unlocked overall in the game. Now when I look at it, the achievement that I had unlocked now has Japanese text and the achievements I need to unlock are in Japanese as well.

I've not recovered my Gamer-Tag again or tested the game out itself, but I had a go at this game yesterday on the XBox 360 version, to see if I can unlock any achievements. I managed to get one of them, and when it did the achievements description changed back to English Language for that achievement only.
Obviously this is some sort of a fix, but I cannot do this to any achievements that I've already unlocked as I doubt, meeting the requirement a second time will fix the texting.

What I've also discovered as well is when I checked the achievements on the XBox One console, all of the text for this game, and possibly Smash Court Tennis 3 Achievements, if I was to check is in Japanese Language as well.

Does anyone know of a solution or method I can do to get the achievement descriptions back to English Language. Whilst I could ignore it, it would bother me to actually sit on my seat and think to myself, right... what was that achievement's requirement again? And I would have to check the TA site everytime to see what it means in English.

The only real solution I've got in mind which I'm guessing is best is post a Forum at and see if they can fix this problem manually, but if you've got any advice I could take, I would be greatly appreciated as you can imagine.

Anyway, thank you for reading and thank you for all your help.
Posted on 25 April 19 at 22:18, Edited on 25 April 19 at 22:21 by Dadmix
my main acc reads in Japanese. my dummy witch has live but hasn't played the game before today reads it in English on the same console that is.
I haven't tried it yet on two consoles. guess it was a update ? strange one if it was
bite the bullet.
Posted on 25 April 19 at 22:24
now this is as weird as it gets.

the chevo I earned with my dummy is in English the ones I've not earned or earned before are in Japanese
bite the bullet.
Living Legends
Posted on 26 April 19 at 06:07
Delete your profile and redownload it to the console. It should fix itself. Something similar when boosting halo 3 ffa and using a different language to unlock achievements. They were in Korean and changed back to English when I redownloadee the profile
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