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Ruiner Speedrun in 01:00:00

  • Posted on 16 April 18 at 23:11Permalink
    I did my best and died at most 4-5 times but I took every S + or S evaluation mission but despite everything I passed the abundant hour (then cause crash not completed just the last minute of the game but let it go .. .) I would like to know if anyone can give me suggestions for this. it's the last achievements I need to unlock all costumes. Thank
  • TangerineGamerTangerineGamer1,144,068
    Posted on 17 April 18 at 00:18, Edited on 17 April 18 at 00:20 by TangerineGamerPermalink
    Not played the game but I like speedruns so your post caught my eye, anyway I found a post on a Steam forum:

    Which points those people to a YouTube channel, this guys plays on the PC version so I'm not sure if the glitches work the same but worth trying some of them out if you are struggling (and don't mind exploiting glitches to skip sections of the game).

    This is the playlist for the skips he does in quite a few of the levels and an explanation of how to do them:

    This is his run which he finished in about 45 mins:

    Like I say, it was on PC and I don't have the game so have no idea if it will work but it's all I could find really. Good luck
    Yours sincerely, TG
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    thanks for the suggestions but in the end I opted for a legit game and in the end I managed to get first in the world;)
  • TangerineGamerTangerineGamer1,144,068
    Posted on 17 April 18 at 18:59Permalink
    Well done dude! clap

    Maybe you could consider writing a guide for it? I'm sure others would appreciate any tips you could offer on how to get past the tougher sections etc.
    Yours sincerely, TG
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