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Save game problems

  • Posted on 27 April 18 at 08:13Permalink
    Frustrating!! I died after an autosave in the last level, now the game doesn't reload this savepoint. It freezes during the loading screen, actually my whole xbox freezes. This happened on the exact same point on both my rookie as my predator playthrough, so now it seems I need to start over both difficulties. Unless there's something I can do to fix this, any tips guys? I already tried it on another console, without results.....
  • Posted on 14 October 18 at 03:22Permalink
    I just got the exact same thing happen. Fell into the lava on the last level and it freezes my entire system. Tried moving the save to the cloud and loading on a different machine with the same result. So close to being done on Predator level but looks like I have to start over. This sucks! Any ideas?
  • Posted on 14 October 18 at 14:33Permalink
    I thought I would try loading up just the final map from the menu and see if completing it on Predator would count towards my completion. I was more careful not to sprint through and fall into the lava but was sniped on top of the building and died. I got the same frozen screen that I did previously. This makes me a little nervous that I will have to run through the entire game again and make sure to never die in the final map. YIKES! I think I will create a backup after every map if I have to do this just in case. VERY BUGGY! BEWARE!
  • ThePaleHorsemanThePaleHorseman1,267,335
    Posted on 23 December 18 at 19:21Permalink
    Well, add another one. Happened to me too. What an awesome feature to an already incredible game that I am beyond excited to do 3 playthroughs of each campaign to begin with because difficulties don't stack.

    In case it wasn't completely obvious, that was sarcasm. What a load of shit. It baffles me that game breaking bugs this bad ever make it to release. Are games not tested?
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