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Golden Boy boosting methods

  • Posted on 28 April 18 at 04:15Permalink
    Hey guys,

    I have been boosting this game most of this week,
    Did not realise how long this one achievement took until i was already half way.

    The method i use is a double boxing method,
    I have PM a few different people with how they did it, but for me this was the best.

    The online game mode i use it Ironman,
    You should get just over 470xp per 2minutes or LESS.
    (depends on search times and timing).

    Once both accounts have been matched,
    You charge in with LT and smack the alt with X,
    Then you Pin him.

    On the 3rd Count you click Y (Resilency) on your Alt
    (if you dont do this you will only get around 390xp per match)

    Then You charge in with LT and smack the alt with X, and Pin him again.

    Once Pin is complete the score will be 1-0.
    You quit out with your Alt and search for a new game.

    This is so far the quickest way i have found to get xp. Though it will only work for double boxers. It involves a fair bit of work. But as i started the game late and want it done before it leaves Game pass this method has worked well for me.

    If you have any questions just ask,

    Also if people have other methods or even better ones please let us all know.

    i never really worked out a good method for 2 people boosting.
    But i did hear and see a lot of smashing X until you get a signature then using that and a finisher and then pinning. I dont think it is beneficial to get 5 stars unless you both are taking turns each match and doing things while you wait.
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    Posted on 10 May 18 at 03:30Permalink
    The best way we've found for 2 people is to use the 5 star match method, in extreme rules or any other match type that has No DQ. Use as much move variety as possible, put your opponent thru the announce table, barriers, and finish off with a regular or charged finisher. Should net you over 1000 points and opponent around 900 or so.
    tempus edax rerum
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