Game Discussion: Everspace

Encounters in Everspace achievements found

  • PlayUltimate711PlayUltimate7111,006,046
  • Posted on 02 May 18 at 18:30Permalink
    Probably a good time to get into the game then. I've been sorta missing a space sim since finishing Elite.
    I work on achievements. Life sanity tip: don't work on achievements.
  • ArkzeinArkzein289,900
    Posted on 02 May 18 at 22:11Permalink
    Brilliant, can't wait to dive into this again!
  • TenrethTenreth438,508
    Posted on 03 May 18 at 21:46Permalink
    Damn... I hope this is easy with zero progression. I had to reset my savegame because of one glitched achievement. Since there is no way to backup your saves i'm down to nothing. I even tried crossplay with my PC and extracting the savegame from there as a backup and even editing the data with the unlocked achievements list in the games folder. Well, ... it failed.
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