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Devil May Cry HD Collection Announced

  • Posted on 17 October 11 at 22:18Permalink
    Damn they are just getting lazy now. I still have my copies of all the DMC games for my PS2. No Thanks.
  • Posted on 17 October 11 at 22:32Permalink
    I am so getting this. It will be nice just to be able to play 1 and 3 again without having to set up my PS2.
  • BeachemBeachem275,325
    Posted on 17 October 11 at 23:14Permalink
    That's awesome! I'll probably stay clear of DMC 2 though. I've heard only bad things about it. The posts on this article are a testament to that as well laugh
  • Daft ScotDaft Scot158,396
    Posted on 17 October 11 at 23:58Permalink
    The only one I'd be interested in is the first one, 2 and 3 just didn't do it for me. What's with all the HD remakes all of a sudden anyway?
  • Zor ElZor El418,235
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 00:00Permalink
    XXGOGETAXX said:
    I hope there are not achievements like: gat a S rank in every mission :D
    $5 says there will be lol
  • VoltFieberVoltFieber410,232
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 00:14Permalink
    So we have:

    - Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: 35€
    - Devil May Cry HD Collection: 40€
    - Silent Hill HD Collection: 30€?

    coming out next year, i find the price for them more them fair!
    Put some addicting Achievements in them and im happy! smile

    Bedder spending money for thes games as for some
    "Need of Duty 2012" Franchises. wink

    Hope we get also: "Resident Evil Revival Collection".
  • MaxForce357MaxForce357124,650
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 00:20Permalink
    THANK GOD! I hated hated hated Devil May Cry 4. However, the day I bought the trilogy box set for PS2, I played it non-stop and beat it in 3 days. Greatest adventure ever.
  • RolodiumRolodium776,530
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 00:42Permalink
    Why do you make me wait so long... I love you Capcom but sometimes you really do annoy me...
  • fakethieffakethief43,658
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 01:06, Edited on 18 October 11 at 01:37 by fakethiefPermalink
    OMG God bless Capcom. Finally I can play my favourite DMC games on xbox. DMC3 and Vergil here I come. I finished DMC3 SE on my pc on every single difficulty and all S ranks and I'm willing to do it again even if it's for 5G. That's how much I love DMC3. I can even remember most of the cutscenes dialogue lines. They probably know the new DmC is gonna be a fail and they are trying to sell old ones. Who cares just release it out NOOOOOWWWWWWW. I don't care how much I pay for it as long as I get them. All I want now to say to end this post is JACKPOT.
  • Posted on 18 October 11 at 01:14Permalink
    I am so happy to read this. I have been looking forward to this happening since i read it was rumored a while back. I have been needing some more dante in my life since i completed dmc4 but i can not bring myself to play it again having no achievements left to obtain. The only thing that i hope is that instead of counting it as one game for 1000 gs, they realize the potential for great achievements and have it be 3 different games each with their own 1000 points :)
    Either way i am sure i will be addicted and that no one will hear from me for weeks.
  • Posted on 18 October 11 at 01:35Permalink
    Ahhhh... hated DMC4...not gettin that
  • fakethieffakethief43,658
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 01:41, Edited on 18 October 11 at 01:43 by fakethiefPermalink
    Sgt Malarkey Br said:
    Ahhhh... hated DMC4...not gettin that
    They are not like DMC4 trust me. You can probably miss second DMC but if you like slashers and difficult games like Ninja Gaiden you should check out DMC 1 and DMC 3. Story in DMC4 has got pretty much nothing to do with DMC 1 and 3 just characters and DMC 3 is wayyyyyy harder than 4 and it's funnier than 4.
  • D4rthD4nteD4rthD4nte279,905
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 02:35Permalink
    O.o Im all over this!
  • Gaara 350Gaara 350236,754
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 03:00Permalink
    OH YEA!!!! Im all over this!
  • imaidiot19imaidiot19733,924
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 03:28Permalink
    Not sure if I trust Capcom after I was lied to about RE4 and CV...Those games look horrid. If this is a true HD overlay, like ICO and Shadow, and not just an upconvert, then I may think about this...but I have too many games to play now. I will wait for the $20 bin.
  • Posted on 18 October 11 at 04:36Permalink
    One thing to say about this. This is going to be the easiest TA ratio that I've ever gotten. Hard as hell but I love it.
  • Posted on 18 October 11 at 04:42Permalink
    Thank you lord, I wanted this the moment they announced the MGS and ZOE collections.
  • Posted on 18 October 11 at 05:47Permalink
    One of the best things Ive heard all year.
  • Posted on 18 October 11 at 06:00Permalink
    I just need Devil May Cry 1 don´t care about the others
    True Dynasty Warrior, BlazBlue Fanboy, JRPG Freak and Mass Effect addict ^^ Lambda-11 µ-12 v-13
  • Phoenix C64Phoenix C64276,100
    Posted on 18 October 11 at 06:16Permalink
    nice. let's see how hard the chievos are.
    Nerd Rage:
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