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Posted on 11 May 18 at 11:17, Edited on 11 May 18 at 11:27 by WebChimp UK
Welcome to Viral Event 2018!
Here are some FAQ about the event...

  • Viral Event 2018 General Questions

What is Viral Event?
Viral Event is an official TrueAchievements Community Event aimed at spreading Viral Achievements to as many gamers as possible. Viral Event 2018, is a two week long event, starting May 19th and running through June 3rd. Come join in on the fun, earn some achievements, and get a new TA Community Event badge while doing so.

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for Viral Event as I am looking for a specific Viral Achievement. What is the best way to learn when a Viral event session for that game has been created?
I’m glad I’m not the only one excited for this return. smile
If you’re looking for a specific achievement, add the game to your ‘Boost Request List’, (controller icon underneath game picture on the game page), and as soon as a Viral Event session is created you’ll get an auto PM with a link directly to the session. You can also keep an eye on Community Event Sessions as all Viral Event session will appear there.

What achievements are being included in the event?
Ask and you shall receive Viral Event 2018 Achievement List

Why isn’t [insert achievement title here] on the list?
This event is for Viral achievements and we expand past pure virals to include achievements that work similarly to virals. The ‘not a pure viral’ achievements are included when and only if the achievement requirements can be meet when there is one host who meets specific requirements. When that host meets specific requirements (i.e. has a save at a specific point, x number of points, etc) they can repetitively share/give/assist multiple people in earning said achievement. These requirements would be ones that CAN NOT be lost by the host, or, if they do lose the ability to share, there is an easy work around and/or way to manipulate this (i.e. reloading a back-up save). Achievements that are earned via co-op play without any of the above requirements will not be considered for the event nor would achievements that require hosts sending a gift that they would then lose. If you have a suggestion for the event that meets the above requirements, please post Viral Event 2018 - Achievement List Suggestions

My availability for sessions is always fluctuating so registering to host isn't an option for me. How can I participate?
All Viral Event 2018 sessions will appear on the Community Event Sessions and the Gaming Sessions If you're looking for a specific achievement in a game, add it to your boost list and you'll get a PM every time that game has a session created. However, the Community Events Team ONLY create sessions based on the infected host’s available times. If we don't have hosts registering, you won't see those sessions being created.

  • Registration Questions

How do I register to host sessions for Viral Event?
So, glad you asked. We have this handy dandy little form that you can fill out here; Register for Viral event 2018

I filled out the registration. How will I know when I've been selected as host for a Viral Event session?
Once we’ve created a session with you as host, or back-up host, you will receive an auto PM with a link to your Viral event session, a notice that you have joined a Viral event session will appear on your Friends Feed, and the session will appear in the 'Upcoming Gaming Sessions' box on your homepage. All of your sessions will also appear on both the Community Event Sessions and the Gaming Sessions

I only know my availability a few days in advance, not the entire two weeks. Can I still sign up?
Of course! The onsite registration form can be adjusted and managed by you at any point. If your availability changes you can go back into the form and change any information at any point.

I was picking achievements to host sessions for on the registration page and noticed I have some achievements included in the event that I can’t select. Why is this?
Some achievements included in the event require the host to have met specific criteria, be granted a specific title by developers, or to have earned other non-viral achievements. The registration page is set to only allow you to pick achievements that we have verified you have met the requirements for. If you have met the specific requirements and you’d like to share an achievement that isn’t showing on the registration list for you, please send me a PM and we’ll get this added to your list right away.

I can neither register nor sign up for Viral Event sessions. Why is that?
There are some members of the TA community who are on restricted access and have had the privilege of hosting, joining, and participating in Community Sessions revoked. Wither this is a community member that has had their achievements removed from the site, and thus we cannot verify they have the viral to spread, or a community member that has been abusing the system by signing up to host or joining sessions but is habitually no-showing, we have removed their privilege of participating in this event. We want this to be a fun and enjoyable event for everyone and sometimes this means restricting access to some individuals. Sorry.

  • Host & Back-up host responsibilities

Whooo hoooo!!! I was chosen to host a Viral Event session. What do I do now?
First off THANK YOU for volunteering to spread your virals. toast

As host of a Viral event session you’re ‘in charge’ of running the session. Every achievement has a short guide on the gaming session page with the, arguably, easiest/most efficient way to spread that achievement. Participants will be assuming you’re using the posted method. If your method differs from the posted method please use the gaming session thread to communicate your method with participants PRIOR to the start of the session. Please feel free to answer any questions that come up in the thread by participants. Here are a few other general Viral event etiquette suggestions.

1. Be online a few minutes early
2. Be polite and patient– assume participants have never played the game before and may need extra instructions
3. Communicate with participants if needed – Voice or text, whichever you have available
4. HAVE FUN!!!

Oh noes! Real life happened and I can no longer host the session I’ve been selected to host. What do I do now?
We completely understand that things come up that are unforeseen, this is why we attempt to have back-up hosts for sessions, so that sessions can continue if things come up. Please do the following…

1. PM or LIVE message the back-up host – Give them as much warning as possible
2. Post in the session thread that you can’t host anymore and remove yourself from the session
3. Alter your Viral event registration, Register for Viral event 2018, to prevent being selected as host, if applicable.

Feel free to PM me if you’d prefer to talk it out, have questions, or if none of the above were possible before the session started.

I was selected as a back-up host. What is my role?
The back-up role is a VERY important role for the success and enjoyment of Viral Event. In the event that Miss Universe the host can NOT fulfill her their role as Miss Universe the host, the crown responsibilities will be given to the first runner up back-up host. There are numerous unforeseeable reasons a host may not be able to spread an achievement, such as servers unable to connect with servers/participants in session, power outage, disc not loading, save corrupt, etc. We want to do everything we can to help ensure these session can still happen and the fun of the event is not damped by these issues. Assume that something will happen and be prepared to set in and assist.

In past Viral events, back-up hosts have offered to help tag-team and have two lobbies going at once. This has worked very well in the past but does NOT work for every achievement and/or sessions. Feel free to PM the host or post in the session thread PRIOR to the session if you’d like to tag-team the session. Details and the plan for tag-teaming will need to be decided and communicated to participants in the gaming session thread.

  • Feedback

I read there is a new feedback system being implemented with this event. Can you tell me more about this please?
Of course. We are aware that the same issues that happen in ‘normal’ gaming sessions will happen in Viral event sessions and not all sessions will be successful due to unforeseen issues. We want to ensure we are doing everything we can to prevent issues. While we believe in second chances and giving hosts the benefit of the doubt, we do want need to be aware when this is a habitual problem…hence the feedback.

This new feedback is specifically for Community Event Sessions and will NOT affect the ‘normal’ gaming session feedback. All info is going directly to the Community & Events team for them to review and handle. We will contact hosts when there are habitual issues with sessions they are in and we will contact participants that are habitually creating issues for sessions they are joining. Please use this feedback as it is the ONLY way the Community & Events team can track what is happening in sessions and make improvements if needed.

I’ve been in 2 Viral Event sessions and neither has worked. Where are my achievements?
We’re sorry that they haven’t worked for you. Please provide us with feedback as to what the issues with the session was so we can work on making improvements. We can't promise you'll earn the achievements you're looking for, but we will be making more sessions for all achievements in Viral event . Hopefully you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn the achievements during the event. Thank you for your feedback and understanding.