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Achievement Boosting

  • Posted on 16 April 08 at 16:03
    Please make arrangements for achievement trading in in this thread
  • DarkSynopsisDarkSynopsis664,545
    Posted on 17 August 08 at 19:22
    Should have this game Tuesday/Wednesday so looking to boost all online achievements :)
  • CHRI5T0PH5RCHRI5T0PH5R200,021
    Posted on 02 March 09 at 15:24
    i need several achievements and will help any1 if they help me whenever:-)
  • Huginho19Huginho19493,027
    Posted on 23 March 09 at 12:36
    i need some achievements on here aswell anyone help il return favor??
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 16 April 09 at 09:30
    If anyone reads this here, I've found a group of people who regularly try to set up boosting times. Contact me about it and I'll see if we can all get together in some games.
    Neverendless run. Mana du vortes, aeria gloriis.
  • CHRI5T0PH5RCHRI5T0PH5R200,021
    Posted on 17 April 09 at 19:10
    i have all of them now except dedicated server but i am willing to help any1 out if u need help
  • Posted on 26 April 09 at 19:26
    I'm very willing to boost in this, just drop be a message on her or on XBL. I'm free most days.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 06 May 09 at 00:48
    I just need Did I Do That?, Have It Your Way, Nuclear Winter Wonderland, TimeShift Veteran, and TimeShift Champion. I'm willing to boost all this week. Hit me up.
  • Zylo GreyZylo Grey1,557,342
    Posted on 09 August 09 at 09:16
    I need all the MP achivements, Im up for boosting them with others if anyone else needs to
  • CHRI5T0PH5RCHRI5T0PH5R200,021
    Posted on 12 August 09 at 08:53
    if anyone wants any i can help anyone but its best to have a mic
  • Posted on 24 August 09 at 15:11
    I need to boost Did I Do That, Yoink, Off. Off. Damned Clutch, Flag Snag, Master Miner--Crowned, Regicide Rules, DLC Expert 1, Ride My Rockets, You won't even know how and You can't catch me. Can boost pretty much anytime so message me on XBL or here. GT: in Default
  • super quipsuper quip275,155
    Posted on 06 October 09 at 02:32
    hey if anyones still up 4 onlines giz a message on xboxlive?
  • a s p aa s p a796,885
    Posted on 09 October 09 at 08:40
    i'm up for some dlc boosting.
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