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Easy 100G Achievements in Under 10 minutes

Posted on 15 May 18 at 05:06
I want some easy 100G Achievements that you can complete in Under 10 minutes! If you know any, please reply to this post saying the achievement and how to unlock it in what game. I want at least 5 Achievements that are worth 100G (or more) that you can complete in under 10 minutes!
Posted on 15 May 18 at 06:14, Edited on 15 May 18 at 06:16 by JumboWario
Asemblance Achievements
Energy Cycle Achievements
Game On.
Posted on 15 May 18 at 07:51
Gone Home Console Edition: Completing the game in less than one minute with the help of a guide (which is really easy) will actually net you two achievements worth 100G.
Legohead 1977
Legohead 1977
Posted on 15 May 18 at 12:57
Goat SimulatorRymdskepp I RymdenThe Rymdskepp I Rymden achievement in Goat Simulator worth 152 pointsTravel to space!

Goat SimulatorElfstreet BoysThe Elfstreet Boys achievement in Goat Simulator worth 222 pointsBaa with the choir

Deadlight: Directors CutWhat's on your mindThe What's on your mind achievement in Deadlight: Directors Cut worth 101 pointsFind a page of Randall's journal

Emily Wants to PlayStrange ParentsThe Strange Parents achievement in Emily Wants to Play worth 117 pointsHe hid the entrance, so that no one would ever find it.

Emily Wants to PlayNo Peek-A-Boo For YouThe No Peek-A-Boo For You achievement in Emily Wants to Play worth 112 pointsSurvive the midnight hour.

LaserlifeA Mind Free of BarriersThe A Mind Free of Barriers achievement in Laserlife worth 111 pointsComplete phase 3 with no mental blocks

LaserlifeFlawless MemoryThe Flawless Memory achievement in Laserlife worth 124 pointsGather all fragments of a memory.

LaserlifeDon't Miss A Single MomentThe Don't Miss A Single Moment achievement in Laserlife worth 119 pointsDon't miss a single moment of a memory's phase 2.

LaserlifeA String of Perfect MomentsThe A String of Perfect Moments achievement in Laserlife worth 112 pointsString together 100 unbroken moments.

Unnamed FiascoComeback is a B*tchThe Comeback is a B*tch achievement in Unnamed Fiasco worth 117 pointsBe the player with fewer points at sometime and still win the game (in 3 or 4-player mode).

Unnamed FiascoMinute Madness ExpertThe Minute Madness Expert achievement in Unnamed Fiasco worth 103 pointsGet most of your kills when the Minute Madness is enabled.

Unnamed FiascoServe and ProtectThe Serve and Protect achievement in Unnamed Fiasco worth 107 pointsKill at least one player every time you are the police in a Police Chase game.

Unnamed FiascoNo Need No GunThe No Need No Gun achievement in Unnamed Fiasco worth 114 pointsGet five kills without using your gun.

There are also a number obtainable with multiple controllers on Siegecraft Commander
Legohead 1977
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