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2 weeks without a wishlist notification.

Posted on 15 May 18 at 08:32
Just wondered if there is a way to start getting games wishlist notifcations again.
This is the second week i have not got one. I checked and there was games on my list on sale both weeks but no notification.
I really miss this great feature, please help.
WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 15 May 18 at 13:01
Nice spot. This one was caused by the Xbox One sales article going live a little later than usual last week, although I've added some additional code so it'll now send notifications for both the 360 and One sales. These will go out later this evening. toast
Posted on 15 May 18 at 13:35
Many thanks for working on a fix so quickly, much appreciated. That has got to be some of the best support i have ever known.
Posted on 15 May 18 at 15:56
Thanks! Its one of the best feature on the site!
Posted on 15 May 18 at 17:21
I just came here to report this - great to see it's been spotted and fixed. Thanks!
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