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Why is the games estimated time to completion 200+ hours?

Posted on 16 May 18 at 02:28
Is this accurate? If it took that long to complete, I'd imagine the ratios would be significantly higher?
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New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 16 May 18 at 02:53
It depends on the person. I can't recall what my time was... Xbox Live says I played it for 192 hours.

I think in game said like 150 though or something.

The game just takes a long time to do everything but I'm sure if you kept at it and followed some guides and didn't play blindly you can pull it under 200.

S ranks take a bit and doing all mission tasks sucks ass.... Game is still absolutely amazing though.
Posted on 16 May 18 at 03:10
Yeah, I'd say that is a fair amount of time for completion. I've been working on all mission tasks forever, and haven't even started filling up my zoo platform.
Piston Toyota
Piston Toyota
Posted on 17 May 18 at 00:52, Edited on 17 May 18 at 00:53 by Piston Toyota
Completion times are always going to be a bit variable from person to person, of course. However, in this case I feel pretty confident that the average player would probably clock in over 200 hours on this game no problem. I messed around a lot and got over 300 hours in before I was done, and I don't feel like I did anywhere near everything the game has to offer.

If you were just in a mad sprint to get all the achievements in as little time as possible you could probably cut a fair bit off that estimate, but you'd be making the game very hard on yourself by doing so, as taking the time to level up your base and craft new gear really helps out later on.

As for the low ratios? Your guess is as good as mine. It's not a terribly easy game. My guess is that it just managed to hook a good number of the people who tried it, so a greater than average number of people saw it through to the end, regardless of play time.
Poopdog M60Riot
Posted on 21 May 18 at 09:15
As with most games with gold you, can expect the ratio to raise a good bit over the next few months.
Banana Big Boys
Posted on 21 May 18 at 20:22, Edited on 21 May 18 at 20:22 by Xboxoholic
It took me about 140, but I was playing with achievements at the front of my mind almost the entire time.

200 hours is a very reasonable estimate. The plus side is, it's an amazing game and you'll enjoy every second of it and you'll even lament the fact there's no DLC afterward.
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