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Filter Series with only 1 started game

Armstrong x360a
Posted on 16 May 18 at 06:54

First time posting in this forum so please forgive me if I'm doing it incorrectly.

I would like to propose a filter in the Site Settings that would allow us to filter out all of the series that we only have 1 started game in. That way we don't have to sift through 10 pages of series I don't care about in order to find the handful that we are actually interested in following.

Thanks in advance.
Posted on 16 May 18 at 11:47
... and some kind of sort order that makes sense, like my most recently played, or alphabetically. Having it sorted by the community most popular is awful.
Posted on 16 May 18 at 13:49
Moved to the Wishlist Forum.
I assume your talking about this page:
I do like the idea. But I think it will be more a page setting then site setting.
So next to 'Played only', there could be an option saying "2+ games played",
Also, a sorting option is a good idea as well. Would be nice to sort a series by % completed. smile
Armstrong x360a
Posted on 16 May 18 at 23:40
^^agreed! Thanks for moving this to the proper forum. What are the chances of something like this being implemented if others like the idea as well?
Posted on 03 September 18 at 01:28
I still would like to see something like this!
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