Game Discussion: Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX

NG+ End-Game-Madness

  • kedifarekedifare526,115
    Posted on 17 May 18 at 04:59
    Please someone provide some tips/strategies:

    I have 6 Units of each class, half of them is LVL60 the rest around 57 and i get annihilated at the last 4 Levels.... this Grey and red Monsters kill allways my defenders no matter what...

    i dont have enough PSI to Level my defenders nor enough to use my spells constanlly.....

    Are there any tips for the last couple of Levels - 3 stars on NG+ ?

  • filosofischfilosofisch675,679
    Posted on 17 May 18 at 15:19
    same for me...i am currently lv 60 with all my generic recruits and struggeling with the final 3 Levels and the sheep. those are horrifying for me. even within the first Levels my librian gets killed or my recruits. any tipps for books or strategies for beating those horrible difficult Levels?
  • kedifarekedifare526,115
    Posted on 18 May 18 at 06:28
    i sent an email to the developers (leveluplabs) - lets see if the gona reply :)
  • d4rk antaresd4rk antares2,847,811
    Posted on 27 May 18 at 20:58
    Same for me can't beat those last level.....
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong399,930
    Posted on 06 November 18 at 01:34
    I had no idea the last few levels of this game would be so hard. Even having completed all the Hero Mode achievements and subsequently having levels and purchased gear for 6 of each class, obtained extra books for my Librarian... it’s just hard.

    I think the skill allocation of each defender (Tower) as well as the advanced strategy options really matter. An example would be putting an Ice Mage at the end of a straight lane with fully boosted Ice Shard and Pierce and setting her to “Attack Last”.

    My main problem is there’s only 6 healers and with enemies that have Thorns plus hit hard, on some levels my Beserkers and sometimes even Knights go down fast. Doubling up on healers, especially since you need to be using them to expose the shrouded enemies, seems to usually work out poorly for me.
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