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How much fun is this game

Posted on 18 May 18 at 13:56
i wanna start it but i'm not planning on completing it, i can come close to completing but i never spend 200 hours on a game. So how much fun is it? Worth ruining my completion ratio for a little bit? Even if i miss 15 achievements and it's still fun as hell i'll play.
Posted on 18 May 18 at 17:51
Your completion ratio is 87% so really, its not going to be any different.

why not load up a different account & play it through that. doesnt matter about your completion ratio then.
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 18 May 18 at 20:54
This game is amazing. The controls feel really good and there is so much to do with so many gadgets.

Plus if you don't care about the completion you'll probably have more fun using all the weapons.

One thing I never really experienced in Peace Walker and V is all the different guns because if you want S ranks you can't kill so I never leave without tranq rounds and non-leathal gadgets.

Also you get a horn and a bloody face if you kill to much due to the bad karma...

So if you don't care for completion just play through the story and have fun with it.
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