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WWE 2K17 Servers Closed Already?

  • Skaos3010Skaos3010668,039
    Posted on 23 May 18 at 10:51Permalink

    I've tried logging into the WWE 2K17 servers this morning, and for the past three hours, have been unable to connect. I know other people are having the same issue, but does anyone know if the servers have been closed early? Do 2K do this?

    I have contacted them for further information, and I will post any response here, but I thought I would ask anyone in case they know already. If they closed them early, it's a d*** move.
  • Posted on 23 May 18 at 12:26Permalink
    It's probably just bad luck, 2K sucks about shutting down their servers....but they have always honored the shut down time. They usually shut down the exact minute they say they will, not earlier (or later)
  • Skaos3010Skaos3010668,039
    Posted on 23 May 18 at 13:14Permalink
    Yeah, it was. I just logged in and it's working fine. Must have been maintenance. angry
  • Posted on 27 May 18 at 10:56Permalink
    I had it yesterday around 2pm GMT time when they weren't working and I tried restarting the game and the console, didn't make a difference. They worked again after about an hour or two later. Guess it was a sign for me to take a break on the game.
  • Posted on 29 May 18 at 19:02Permalink
    Happy to trade wins back and forth. I've accepted I may not get them all, but happy to get as many as possible! Available whenever, however UK based.
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