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State of Decay 2 - Achievement Flag submissions

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Posted on 12 June 19 at 05:29
MichalKV said:
Thank you for the submission Sighris. As we have conflicting reports about the achievements unlocking for either host only or all people in the session, we have decided to include the information in the Public Information Box on the game page, instead of flagging every achievement as host only.
That works. From what I can tell, kill based count, but anything tied to the community/base/story are host only.
Information Posted on 12 June 19 at 08:17
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Information Posted on 14 August 19 at 01:06
Elite1111111111 has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Daybreak for State of Decay 2:

Elite1111111111 said:
State of Decay 2No Gut, No GloryThe No Gut, No Glory achievement in State of Decay 2 worth 36 pointsKill a blood plague juggernaut.

Gotten a report that this can be done without the DLC. It seems to be one of the only achievements that doesn't specifically mention Daybreak or require Prestige. Might need to be pushed to a Title Update since Choose Your Apocalypse made it doable without Daybreak.

State of Decay 2Head to Toe So PlayerThe Head to Toe So Player achievement in State of Decay 2 worth 19 pointsAllow 24 bags of dropped items to accumulate on the ground.

Top solution notes it's possible without the DLC. May also need to be moved to Title Update.

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