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UNO & Friends Servers Close Next Month

  • CASS190684CASS190684253,396
    Posted on 30 May 18 at 06:42
    I have this game installed from years ago on my Windows 8 tablet, but when I try to boot it up I get a banner across the screen saying that there is an update for this app and that I cannot play unless I update. But then when it takes me to the store there is no update available? I also tried reinstalling the app but I still get the same thing? So I still cannot log in. Anyone else??
    I like what I like and I don't what I don't.
  • Tess JakTess Jak412,508
    Posted on 30 May 18 at 11:00
    do you know if that will impact 360 games
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant992,015
    Posted on 30 May 18 at 11:42
    Tess Jak said:
    do you know if that will impact 360 games
    JumboWario said:
    METAL P said:
    I am curious to know if the console game version will close along with the windows version.
    Uno & Friends is from Gameloft. The Xbox One version is from Ubisoft. They have different licenses.
  • WiznyattWiznyatt1,572,316
    Posted on 30 May 18 at 15:33
    I'm looking at starting this but only if I can automate it in some way. Any ideas?
  • DefaultDefault837,254
    Posted on 30 May 18 at 16:01
    Wiznyatt said:
    I'm looking at starting this but only if I can automate it in some way. Any ideas?
    I dont think this is possible. Sure, you can "time out" your plays so the computer plays for you, but each game costs two Tokens, which I dont think you can automate unless you purchase a lot of Tokens up front with real money.
  • DavehxDavehx570,821
    Posted on 30 May 18 at 22:15
    I was at level 70 yesterday and hit level 100 today. If you turn off your wifi midgame and wait until you are back at the menu before turning it back on, you will be refunded your tokens and bonuses and also keep your win streak. When you get to about a 20 win streak, you are earning around 2000 points per win (if you are using the 50% bonus) meaning you can get through the levels quite quickly.

    If your win streak ends, save up coins or tokens to reinstate it (add everyone as a friend to maximise the coins you get). I had previously got to a 25 win streak and it was going to cost 30 tokens to reinstate it (and the free scratchers stop appearing at about 15 tokens) you might have to reset but starting from scratch and getting to a 20-something win streak earns 30000-40000 points (you need 101xxx forlevel 100) so doing that 3 times will easily get you there

    Yes, it's still tedious, but can be done in a few days. Just make sure to check back every 45 minutes for a sctratcher while your streak is broken and, if it is going to cost coins to reinstate it, get as many tokens first before spending the coins. If you are on the "End Streak/Save Streak" screen without the needed coins/tokens or just not wanting to continue at that time, go to task manager and end the Uno task and the "Save Streak" message will appear next time you choose PLay
  • Posted on 30 May 18 at 22:36
    Seems much easier now than when I did it with that description. Didn't have the scratch cards and the ability to restore your streak in the original version.
  • AckisAckis600,113 600,113 GamerScore
    Posted on 31 May 18 at 21:25
    Ackis said:
    I'm not able to even connect to the game - the red screen just gets stuck at spinning. :(
    Still not able to log in - I am however able to connect with other profiles.

    Anyone have a similar problem?
  • Lord KhazmirLord Khazmir979,017
    Posted on 15 July 18 at 10:57
    Man - just Got reset from lvl 65 to 1!!!

    I havent Got the Heart to start all over.

    Anyone experienced something similar?
  • Posted on 15 July 18 at 11:37
    Quite a few people have over the lifespan of the game.
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