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Achievement weapons - Executioner's Sword, Ceremonial Dagger, Bardin's Pick

  • MajkelMossMajkelMoss347,507
    Posted on 08 June 18 at 07:30Permalink
    Hey guys. Since those weapons are red they are rather difficult to obtain by rolling the dice even with proper trinket (and you have to play on cataclysm difficulty to increase the odds). I've noticed that red stuff sometimes appears as a quest reward. Can anyone confirm that those three weapons are obtainable via quests?
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  • BigNev44BigNev441,259,204
    Posted on 09 June 18 at 08:31Permalink
    The weapons do not have to be red to obtain the achievement for them, the sword that gave me the achievement was Blue.

    I got the achievement for obtaining the Executioner's Sword during the Christmas holiday when the game was giving out free items everyday until 2 days after the New Year, you had to log in the game and your free weapon, gun or trinket was automatically in your inventory.

    And yes, you can get them from the Bounty Board via Contracts cause one of my friends got the Sword from there when it was for offer two weeks ago, the achievement popped as soon as he dumped his last key to unlock it.
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