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Posted on 26 June 11 at 13:20
The mobile app is great! I've started this thread for people to post suggestions for improvement ideas they may have. Just constructive suggestions please - no complaining!

I for one would like the ability to filter by "Achievements Won" and "Achievements Not Won" for each game

I would also like to be able to set a default view for my profile page, for example have it automatically show my recent achievements instead of my recent games, a bit like the friend feed.

Finally, I would like to be able to view all solutions by default, not just the top one.
Phoenix C64
Phoenix C64
Posted on 26 June 11 at 15:09
something i miss and would be extremely useful is support for gaming sessions on the mobile web. i can't find it in any way.

and as we're speaking of that, if we could sync (not just export an ical item) all our session to an gmail calendar or something, would be awesome.

i want to start making/attending to loads of sessions this summer, and syncing automatically with a 15min. alarm on my phone/ical would be awesome, instead of having to export/import them automatically.
Posted on 26 June 11 at 15:38
I like the above suggestion for the gaming sessions page.

Also, I couldn't see anything for messages (inbox/sending). I use that alot from my phone on the regular site. Hopefully it would be easy to set up?
Espio Idsavant
Posted on 26 June 11 at 16:22
Could the review rating, if not the actual reviews themselves as well, be added to the mobile site? That's one of the main reasons I load TA when out and and about... to look up the rating and reviews for a random game that I've spotted on sale at some store.
Pedle Zelnip
Pedle Zelnip
Posted on 26 June 11 at 17:11, Edited on 26 June 11 at 17:18 by Pedle Zelnip
How about getting automatically redirected to when you go to on a mobile device? That's the way most sites that have mobile & PC versions work.

And unless I'm missing something, it'd be nice to actually see the discussions on my friend feed & be able to post to them rather than just the feed itself (which I could see anyways by any RSS reader).

The ability to sort achievements by TA, ratio, GS, etc.

Have *all* solutions listed on an achievement page, rather than the top one and summary lines for all others.

The ability to thumbs up/thumbs down content on the mobile app.

Improved navigation, a menu on pages (or at least a menu button which takes you to the site menu) so that instead of "back back back back" to get back to the site menu you can always get there quickly & easily.

An actual proper app as opposed to a mobile version of the site would be sweet as well, though I know what kind of development headache that can be (deving for multiple platforms that are quite different, though by doing a mobile site you're trading development on multiple platforms for development on multiple browsers on multiple platforms).

This is more complaint-ish so maybe off-topic, but in general the navigation needs to be better. What I want most from a mobile version of TA is to quickly find out the info about a game such as overall TA ratio, achievement list, and ratios for each achievement. As it stands I have to fire up a browser, go to, click log in, enter my credentials, hit search, type the title of the game, click the game, and then finally get to the content I'm interested in. That process needs to be dramatically streamlined.

If we're talking "dream features" then how about things like the ability to scan a barcode on a game (or even snap a picture of the cover) & get directed to the TA page for the game. That's a tough thing to implement, but damn would it be sweet.

Really like some of the other suggested ideas like calendar integration. On Android almost everything syncs with your Google Calendar, so having TA sessions get popped into that would be sick. What about Facebook or Twitter integration? (ie - you change your status on TA & it sets that to be your status on FB/Twitter)
Posted on 05 July 11 at 17:59, Edited on 21 July 11 at 13:13 by wvu76
The most important feature missing in my opinion is the my achievements page. I use that daily to sort by achievements not unlocked and then sort by ratio difficulty. I would also like the feature to look at all of my games and the locked achievements and the ability to sort by ratio. Great start on the site though and looking forward to future improvements.

Few more ideas:

As stated above it is also vital to be able to see solution comments as much of the time the best tips are located there. I also think there should be an icon indicating which achievements have a solution posted. This comes in especially handy when a new game is released and many don't have solutions listed right away.
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Red Coooley
Posted on 21 July 11 at 12:25
I think we need access to our PM inbox. This is the main reason I upgraded to pro as I hate using the web version and I hate getting email notifications constantly. With Inbox access we can possibly check every 30 minutes or so. Thanks
Posted on 05 January 12 at 21:52
I would like to be able to see my gaming goals whilst on there, so I can keep an eye on my progression so if that could be added that would be great.
Jan Dercon
Jan Dercon
Posted on 22 June 17 at 17:12
I was browsing in the 'my games' list, filtering the list to help me decide which game I want to play today.

Due to hot temperatures today I decided to take my Xbox360 console with me and play outside in the shade using my laptop as screen (It has an HDMI IN-port)

But back on the 'my games' list.. in the 'other' filterin options there is the possiblity to filter for backwards compatible games.
Is there a way to add 'not backwards campatible' to the filter options?
That way it's easy to look for games that I need my old console for (or to find out for which games I need to keep it for ;-) )
X Fmp leeZsTyL3
Posted on 27 March 19 at 15:31
While changing some settings on my account i noticed a setting to notify me if a games servers are shutting down, I thought it would be a idea to add a setting for if a game server is coming back on line either temporarily or permanently. :) (p.s If there is a setting for this and i missed ignore the above comment)
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