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    Posted on 10 June 18 at 15:31
    Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

    If you disagree with the current genres, please click the "Add genre disagreement" button below.
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    Posted on 10 June 18 at 15:32
    CjhCarter vL has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
    I believe that this game, as well as Spiral Splatter Achievements , should be classified as Action games. I’ve seen them both be called several different genres (Puzzle/Platformer/Arcade Racing) when in reality none of those seem to fit best.

    They are definitely not Puzzlers since the path you have to go is linear for nearly every single level, and you’re not necessarily using logic to solve situations. You simply try and make it from Point A to Point B, that’s it. laugh

    They are not Platformers because you’re never jumping over obstacles in either game – nor is there really any sense of physics-enabled traversal.

    They are not Arcade Racers either. Sure, you’re racing the clock for oOo/3 star ratings but you’re not actually driving a vehicle when playing through the levels. There aren’t any extra gameplay features that would be able to classify them as such either – You can accelerate in Spiral Splatter and can accelerate/brake in oOo: Ascension, nothing more.

    So that leads me to believe why Action would be the best fit for both games. The definition states “a diverse genre that encapsulates games where the primary appeal and challenge is to test the player’s physical skills, such as timing, precision, or reaction speed.” This seems to perfectly capture the theme for these types of games as all three of these skills are being tested while navigating through the levels. For instance, here’s a clip of a level in oOo demonstrating how it does:

    CjhCarter vL playing oOo: Ascension

    I’ve completed both games, so by now I feel like I have a decent understanding on what genre would be best for games of this nature. Also, I’d reckon it would be the safest bet since Action is a broad genre and would be a more reasonable approach than to throw them into one they would definitely not belong to.
  • Mr ChaotixMr Chaotix1,328,402
    Posted on 11 June 18 at 23:24
    Aha, but you see, the TA review refers to it as a platformer.
    Case shut boys, tag it as a platformer.
  • KBop a dooKBop a doo387,616
    Posted on 15 June 18 at 22:55
    Mr Chaotix said:
    Aha, but you see, the TA review refers to it as a platformer.
    Case shut boys, tag it as a platformer.
    Do you have anything to contribute to the discussion of what genre this game is other than a (useless) sarcastic comment?

    I wasn't quite sure what genre to call it either so I went with what the developer advertised it as, which is platformer. If they're advertising it as a platformer, it would naturally make sense to review it from that perspective.

    Onto actual mature discussion...

    I don't think puzzle fits at all either. I'm not sure who even voted for that. It is definitely not arcade racing.

    For the most part, it fits our discussion of platforming to a t.

    Platformers require the environment itself to be a primary antagonist
    This is literally the entire essence of OoO.

    Platformers feature obstacle course like levels in which the player must navigate from the start to the end, with physics-enabled traversal between platforms or over obstacle
    Again, this is OoO nearly to a t. There is absolutely traversal between platforms often.

    I agree that action does fit, but personally I think platformer fits based on TA's definition, which is what matters here. It just depends how important you think the actual act of going "over" obstacles is. And oOo actually has quite a bit of its own physics... if you were going fast, you (or the platform you were moving) continue to go fast for a time as your speed slows down, and it's something you have to monitor while playing through the levels.

    Again I'm not some super diehard genre person, just weighing in as darn near nobody has played the game, and unfortunately half of the two people commenting in here just came in to make a sarcastic comment. The team and community members who it affects more can continue to weigh in on it until they arrive at something everyone is happy with.
  • Mr ChaotixMr Chaotix1,328,402
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 03:32
    My bad, I actually was going to post in favour of it being a platformer, as you said, it fits the sites definition. But when I thought about it more I couldn't disagree with the Carters post.

    But as jokey as my comment was, I thought it had potential to work as a valid counter, apparently not though.

    I am in favour of it being tagged as a platformer, perhaps keep Action and add Platformer? Unfortunately I don't have any clips to back it up, and it's been a month since I played it, but I feel like the majority of levels fit the definition.
  • KBop a dooKBop a doo387,616
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 13:41
    Lol sorry, I may have gotten a a bit defensive. As a site reviewer, you just kind of get used to everyone unnecessarily shitting on you at every turn, and I honestly thought that’s what you were doing laugh My apologies.

    There are a lot of gameplay/level walkthrough videos of oOo online if the genre team need to check them out before making a decision.
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