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hide and seek, done on hard without getting shot

Posted on 10 June 18 at 19:36
just completed 'hide and seek' without getting hurt. how i ve done this is make the fullest of my plane's stealth and the geological feature of the map. e.g. if the target is on a hill , i just make sure that i'm below it so that the sams will hit the ground instead of me. also there are some recon targets directly exposed to the sams. that's gonna be nothing hammering though; what i'm doing is to brake to the minimum speed in advance, make sure i'm not flying towards the sams as long as i'm approaching my target and turn my back to sams IMMEDIATELY as the datalink starts reading. all of these ensures i'm beyond the viable range of sam launchers. and its even easier for the escaping part. DONT waste any time engaging those sams and take out the enemy aircrafts with beyond-visual-range missiles as soon as you spot them. just stay away from any hostile as long as you can make sure you are approaching your homing checkpoint. keep the afterburn thrust engaged CONTINOUSLY and escape at FULL speed, especially when you find enemy fighters cannot catch up with you(then waste no time engaging them). DONT stop using afterburn thrust even if you've reached the final waypoint in order to avoid any after-game engagement. thats what i'm doing and i've been free from getting shot in this mission. its not that hard.
Posted on 10 June 18 at 19:37
you can see i've not engaged any sam
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