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T h e F a l l e n [Rank19] Is Recruiting!

Kaos IKris
Kaos IKris
Posted on 12 June 18 at 10:57
The Fallen is recruiting!

Currently we are:

-Rank 19!
-Very Active
-Pantheon Rating over 620+
-Daily farms so you'll never have to struggle finding groups
-Early content clears
-Knowledgeable commanders/early access players, so we're always here to answer questions
-Facebook group/messenger/discord/constant use of multiple communication sources
-Always guaranteed to have a good time :sunglasses:
-Second place winners of the Pantheon War and holding Milene Caves :wink:

Prestige 85+
100k minimum daily donation
Do your daily directives/operations/ITAP
Speak up! Don't just assume you'll get invites. Talk amongst other members so you don't get left out.
Mic required

We're end game oriented but we're always willing to help those who need that extra push to get there. Running these new test areas and 10 man Avatar constantly. If you're looking for a great Pantheon and fun community, feel free to run with us to see if we're the right fit for you!

Message me or Write below if intrested in joining
Posted on 12 June 18 at 13:15
Probably won't find much interest here - this game is dead on TA. I'd be interested, but I'm not able to meet your requirements.
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