Game Discussion: Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu!

Selling a copy of this game

  • IKV91IKV911,835,396
    Posted on 12 June 18 at 12:59
    I got a copy for sale as well as some other jp games.
    Check my blog for details.
    Got the following games:
    Time Leap
    Borderlands (jp)
    Steins Gate
    Batman Arkham Asylum (jp)
    Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu!
    Steins;Gate: Hiyoku-Renri no Darling
    Dragon Age II (jp)
    X-blades (jp)
  • PerksXIPerksXI207,512
    Posted on 10 March 21 at 21:59
    Im selling my copy of this game if anyone is interested? I have these games for sale:
    -ore no yome: anata dake no hanayome
    -Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu
    -Bioshock Japanese
    -Bioshock German
    -Dead island Japanese
    -Dream club
    -The idolmaster live for you
    -The idolmaster
    -MajiTen: Maji de Tenshi wo Tsukutte Mita
    -Memories Off 6: Next Relation
    -Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse
    -No Fate! Only the Power of will
    -winning eleven x
    -Steins Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram
    -Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity
    -Time leap
  • Achilles8249Achilles8249907,982
    Posted on 10 December 23 at 19:08
    Kind of hard to sell something without naming a price.
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