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King of Fighters XIII Pre-order Bonus Detailed

  • SuyomizzleSuyomizzle214,992
  • KiplerrKiplerr165,696
    Posted on 26 October 11 at 12:12
    I'd love to get my hands on this game, if I had the cash. Soundtracks are awesome too. Gotta love Atlus for including the actual CD instead of some digital download bullshit.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 26 October 11 at 14:19
    cheaper than back in the Neo-Geo days I suppose :) I seem to recall most those game cartridges going for around $250? Console was around $600 as well
  • Dark Rocky XDark Rocky X919,007
    Posted on 26 October 11 at 14:45
    I love the King of Fighters music!!!!!! Plus they have Team Terry's theme in there from KOF 95': Club M ~Aozora ni Flute~ & Orochi Shermie's theme from 98': FANATIC WALTZ!!! Yea im done and im glad i paid off my copy yesterday!!!!!!!! Will be listening to sum great music!!!!!
  • DuwenDuwen101,428
    Posted on 26 October 11 at 15:53
    According to the Atlus newsletter I got in my inbox they're only producing enough soundtracks to cover the pre-order demand - so this could end up a rarity in the future, and best to pre-order to avoid dissapointment (if you really want the soundtrack).

    I'd love it, but as the Gears console has left me skint, and DoDonPachi Ressurrection is out next week, and Halo CE a couple of weeks later, and rumours of the Euro release of Catherine possibly in between I'm gonna have to leave it for a while and hope that I can pick up a rip of the soundtrack p2p wink
  • GeoLotusGeoLotus62,963
    Posted on 26 October 11 at 19:52
    I REALLY hope someone rips the entire set and puts it online. I'd love to buy it, but unfortunately this hasn't been a good year to buy Vidya for me. Still gonna get it eventually!
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  • Posted on 26 October 11 at 22:06
    Doesnt look good at all
  • Posted on 26 October 11 at 22:47
    Damn, this soundtrack looks pretty good.
    Have always loved the tunes in the KoF games.
  • JaggexedgeJaggexedge231,005
    Posted on 27 October 11 at 06:35
    I might have to toss a pre-order on this game just for the bonus, then return the game the following week.
  • SanadaSanada675,310
    Posted on 27 October 11 at 14:46
    Have to say I'm starting to enjoy the constant offering of soundtracks as pre-order incentives. Though it is rather awkward when these come up on shuffle...laugh
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  • Posted on 30 October 11 at 18:01
    Looking forward to this
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