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Posted on 13 June 18 at 18:54
Really interested in this game, think I would enjoy it but............
What is it to complete 4 play throughs, 3 for achievements and 1 to play it the way you want ( no limitations on who you kill or enhancements you use), seems like quite a commitment
Posted on 14 June 18 at 02:38
More and more games does this, at least when its singleplayer ones, to make us play the game for longer. There's really no need as one would have already bought it...
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Posted on 14 June 18 at 11:41
I look at it as more of a way for developers to encourage players to challenge themselves and play the game differently. Obviously for that sweet 1000g you're forced to do the multiple playthroughs, and its not even just as straight forward as playing it 4 times because of the achievements linked to killing or not killing the crew etc. But it's an enjoyable game so I forgive it.

I'm playing it as I want currently so going for typhon and human mods etc. But even without limiting myself to one type or none, I'm finding the game challenging. I'll 100% it one day though :D
Posted on 16 June 18 at 13:55, Edited on 16 June 18 at 13:56 by punkyliar
I did it in 3 playthroughs:

First one was done as I wanted, installing the mods I wanted, but also going for the collectibles, not killing humans and getting the best ending seeing as that's how I'd have wanted to play the game anyway.

Second one was a speedrun with no mods. Then reloaded the save right before the end and installed a handful of typhon mods before completing the game again.

Third one was just with human mods and killing every human.

Once you know where everything is, the second and third playthroughs are fairly quick.
Posted on 22 June 18 at 22:54
You can do this in 2 playthroughs to get all of the achievements.

Just be sure to get to the end of the game using no Neuromods at all (be sure to have a few in your inventory, tho') and make a save right before you make a very crucial decision (you'll know the decision when it happens). Now with that save in place, finish the game without using a Neuromod.

Now reload the save and unlock a Typhon or Human ability and finish the game again. I recommend Typhon here because the Human abilities have more uses (Hacking, Repair, etc.) and you don't get perceived as a Typhon by turrets and such, but ultimately, you do you.

Switch to a new save and now play the game using Nueromods only on the powers you didn't unlock on your other save and finish the game.
Without me, it's just aweso.
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