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Call of Cthulhu Trailer Asks You to Embrace the Madness

  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce1,128,625
  • Posted on 14 June 18 at 10:53
    So hyped for this game. H.P. Lovecraft is my favorite author.
    Posted on 14 June 18 at 10:53
    Wonder what month this hits ?
  • TuschiTuschi1,094,643
    Posted on 14 June 18 at 11:12
    This has a lot of potential. It's been a while since we've got a serious lovecraftian horror game.
  • mikrmamikrma188,448
    Posted on 14 June 18 at 11:42
  • Posted on 14 June 18 at 12:50
    Yes please. Fingers crossed they do it right.
  • Posted on 14 June 18 at 13:11
    Awesome. With all the recycled sequals of E3 this is very refreshing to see. A mix of Silent Hill and Bioshock....sign me up.clap
  • PARAcainPARAcain387,848
    Posted on 14 June 18 at 16:36
    Can't wait for this, day one purchase
    ~ King Para
  • ZemidekZemidek304,469
    Posted on 16 June 18 at 21:52
    I am down for this.
  • BasileusBasileus243,370
    Posted on 09 July 18 at 13:13
    Steam says it will be released "Fall 2018".
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