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Rage 2 Preview Interview from E3

Posted on 14 June 18 at 23:21
Looks a bit crazy

Please click here to read the story: Rage 2 Preview Interview from E3
guns vs kittens
Posted on 15 June 18 at 00:14
Was really disappointed with the first game, hoping they leave this game in the oven for as long as it needs to be this time around.
Devil cracked the earthly shell, foretold she was the one. Blew hope into the room and said "You have to live before you die young"
Posted on 15 June 18 at 00:26
will this be co-op play?

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 15 June 18 at 12:35
RAGE was good game, thoroughly enjoyable, but it had some restrictions that really stopped it from being great. Maybe this collaboration between these two great devs may make this a true all time classic, some of the gameplay there looked like the very peak of gaming.

The first trailer was misleading, it looked like Jersey Shore on Bulletstorm - but this looks a lot more sophisticated, if not purposely OTT.
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Mental Hilarity
Posted on 16 June 18 at 23:17
Gameplay seems very Doom-esque. Which isn't a bad thing.
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