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50 Dinos Achievement not popping

  • ZaeloRaeZaeloRae489,249
    Posted on 15 June 18 at 21:03Permalink
    Maybe I'm missing something or it's glitched, but wanted to double check if anyone else was having issues.

    I have 53 dinosaurs on the first island.
    It's fluctuated as animals died and I made replacements, but I've been around this number for awhile.

    Says at least 50 on one island.

    Jurassic World EvolutionNow you're John HammondThe Now you're John Hammond achievement in Jurassic World Evolution worth 46 pointsHouse at least 50 live dinosaurs on a single island
  • Posted on 16 June 18 at 06:59Permalink
    I have the same thing with a few other achievements, maybe try reinstalling the game? After the update, I had around 6 achievements pop up for me.
  • Posted on 17 June 18 at 21:08Permalink
    Alot of buggy achievements in the game. Hopefully they eventually pop.
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  • Posted on 18 June 18 at 03:52Permalink
    I didn't have any issues until I made a T-rex and that didn't pop or the pictures of it eating. Trying to reload, the 50 dinosaur achievement randomly popped.
  • ZaeloRaeZaeloRae489,249
    Posted on 19 June 18 at 18:47Permalink
    Hopefully it'll pop once I get to 50 on another island. Haven't reached that number yet on the other islands. So far, it's the only achievement that's given me issues. Otherwise, I'll do what YourMumLikesMe suggested and see if that works.
  • Posted on 21 June 18 at 21:43, Edited on 22 June 18 at 12:11 by Fuzzmeister JPermalink
    I've put a T-rex on 3 islands and still no achievement for that. 2 of the islands I've tried taking pictures of it eating a goat and that won't pop either.

    This screen should be worth an achievement!

    Update: After the newest update, I made a new T-rex and got the 3 broken achievements in just a few minutes. I made a new T-rex and fed it a goat and Gallimimus and everything unlocked just fine.
  • Posted on 28 June 18 at 14:56Permalink
    I had the same happen with Isla nublar and shooting a Dino in the face, already building on Isla nublar, and shot many dinos in the face, but had nothing. But luckily they both unlocked randomly offline, saves starting a new game.
  • ZaeloRaeZaeloRae489,249
    Posted on 29 June 18 at 03:25Permalink
    Finally popped tonight, but only after I got to 55 dinos on a different island. Oh well, at least it popped finally.
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