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E3 2018's Lost Games: Eight No-Shows We Hoped to See

Posted on 17 June 18 at 19:44
Legacy of Kain

Soul reaver

Lma manager
Daniel Jackson/ultramarine360
Poopdog M60Riot
Posted on 17 June 18 at 19:49
I wanted to see MK11 and have Baraka as a playable character again.
Banana Big Boys
Posted on 17 June 18 at 20:18
I was mostly dissapointed to not see Splinter Cell make an appereance as it was the SC games that made me enjoy stealth gameplay instead of just being a rambo and rushing in when I have a gun.

Other then that Borderlands 3 & Left 4 Dead 3 where also games I hoped to see at some point
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Dresden N7
Dresden N7
Posted on 17 June 18 at 22:01
iMaginaryy said:
matdan said:
21) Bioshock 2 (Why list Infinite of all games but not Bioshock 2?)
Because Infinite is infinitely better than #2. That should be obvious from the fact that #2 wasn't even made by the team, and is highly inferior to both the first and infinite.

I've always loved Infinite possibly equally to the first, with both having strong effects and love in different ways. Both the base and dlc for infinite.

I've never really understood why some people don't like infinite as much, so please explain. But regardless, since Bioshock 2 wasn't even made by Irrational, as far as I'm concerned it's not even really part of the series but rather a spinoff like Life is Strange: Before the Storm or something. And don't get me wrong, it was okay and I enjoyed it but it wasn't even comparable to Bioshock or Bioshock Infinite.
I liked BioShock 2 the best. Better combat than BS1 and less pretentious than Infinite. It all comes down to personal preference and taste.
Posted on 17 June 18 at 22:25
Calling Titanfall 2 the best fps story ever is laughably wrong. For starters, the Halo franchise is wag better. And many others as well. Titanfall 2's story was good not great
Leo Ascendent
Leo Ascendent
Posted on 18 June 18 at 02:57, Edited on 18 June 18 at 03:00 by Leo Ascendent
For some reason, getting Blinx as BC made me want another. While almost certainly, incredibly unlikely to ever happen, ever, more unlikely things have happened.... I think.

EAsucks4324 said:
Calling Titanfall 2 the best fps story ever is laughably wrong. For starters, the Halo franchise is wag better. And many others as well. Titanfall 2's story was good not great
Up until 4, 3 was the last good one. All opinion, but after playing as John for how many games, I am not surprised any more. Which is why I enjoyed Reach (I dont count spin-offs as contributing to Halo's story, they are spin-offs IMO) and ODST so much. - Gameplays, Tips and Tricks, Achievement Guides, and More!!!!
Posted on 18 June 18 at 02:58
I hope, although I have my doubts, that Jedi: Fallen Order, will be a game where you play as Sith (Vader or another apprentice, possibly through character creation akin to Jedi Academy), or a bounty hunter who hunts down Jedi after Order 66.
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Posted on 18 June 18 at 02:59
I was sure someone was going to mention Half Life 3.
Lord Midas
Lord Midas
Posted on 18 June 18 at 07:12
I know it's unlikely, and unrealistic to imagine this would be a thing, but...

A full rebuild of Ninja Gaiden from the ground up. Utilising the power of X1X. Imaging just how spangly and retina seering it would be.

And keep the Ninja Noob difficulty too. This game was seriously difficult even on the easy level for me. And that was 14 years ago on original Xbox, never mind now with my aging reflexes laugh
Posted on 18 June 18 at 08:55
Destiny entered the scene and became everything Borderlands could have been....? laugh

Someone drunk made this sentence right?
o Heres Jonny o
Posted on 18 June 18 at 10:37
NawtyCawty said:
Lego James Bond
Is this even a thing? I have been asking for this, somewhat wishfully for ages.
Happy Gaming
Posted on 18 June 18 at 14:08
It feels very likely that we will see something for MK11 at Evo this year.
Posted on 18 June 18 at 16:49
I was also hoping to see fable, and yeah, a Superman game from Rocksteady would be awesome!
Posted on 18 June 18 at 22:02
I've been hoping for a Sunset Overdrive 2 announcement from Microsoft. It was such a great game, Borderlands type of humor with a very open world map, and great platforming mechanics (when you get the hang of them). Really hope it gets a sequel at some point.
Inspector 74
Inspector 74
Posted on 18 June 18 at 22:21
I would of put money on Splinter Cell and was even more surprised to see Assassins Creed announced (i was kinda hoping they would have a gap in between as last time the break done this franchise the world of good) Watch Dogs 3 and or a new Rayman and a new Prince of Persia game BUT the one I was really hoping for was 'Joanna Dark' (OK i got Battletoads announcement instead which is kinda cool) Borderlands 3 and the Avengers can form an orderly queue and lick my left one and Red Dead Redemption has recently pushed to the very FRONT of this ueque
Inspector 74
Inspector 74
Posted on 18 June 18 at 22:23
queue (how did that happen FFS!!!) I was hoping to see something from either
'Criterion' and something about the new 'Ridge Racer'......Wreckfest looks awesome though, man I always want more ! )
Posted on 18 June 18 at 22:36
Fisher where are you?!
o Heres Jonny o
Posted on 19 June 18 at 14:37
I forgot dead island 2 it's been 4 years since the announcement. Would love that game.
Happy Gaming
Posted on 19 June 18 at 23:38
ShokuPanMike said:
SnipedByAGir1 said:
Final Fantasy VII remaster for me cry
Yes. My anticipation for Final Fantasy VII outweighs everything on my wanted list. Let them take their time, it's a masterpiece so it needs to be handled carefully but let's see some progress.
Had to sit through the annoyingly good Sony presentation (wish I hadn't seen Last of Us 2) to make sure FFVII wasn't buried in there but sadly not a peep. Ah well, lots of other good games to kill time until the release.
Sadly the latest news I heard (few weeks ago now) was that progress was a lot further behind than it should have been so a load of people have been booted/replaced, and they've had to roll back some of the work they'd done because it was not up to scratch. I'd be amazed if we see this before 2020 cry
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