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Shining Resonance Refrain Gameplay Shows What You're Missing in the Demo

  • punkyliarpunkyliar178,212
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81227,912
    Posted on 18 June 18 at 11:44Permalink
    Man i love these anime JRPGs!
  • BloodGodAlucardBloodGodAlucard1,118,229
    Posted on 18 June 18 at 13:45Permalink
    Such a fun game. I'm loving the demo. Can't wait to play the full game next month. clap
  • Achilles8249Achilles8249483,323
    Posted on 18 June 18 at 14:42Permalink
    Already got it Pre ordered and I can't wait. I hope the game companies are realizing that they are missing out on a lot of money by not bringing games to Xbox.
  • Marcus BWFCMarcus BWFC121,466
    Posted on 19 June 18 at 02:17Permalink
    I hope the camera has free roam
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