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Game Crashing

  • AStarfoxAStarfox433,001
    Posted on 20 June 18 at 21:45Permalink
    Is anyone else experiencing the game randomly crashing?

    It seems to be upon completion of some missions/contracts. I've just completed all entertainment missions and the game crashed on the transmission screen. When I booted the game up again there is a tick next to all entertainment missions but the achievement is still locked.

    Help?! Is there a way for me to unlock this without redoing the game..?
  • Brianx88Brianx88342,007
    Posted on 21 June 18 at 12:27Permalink
    What version of Xbox you playing on?
    I'm playing it on the Xbox One X, and have noticed that many times when I'm about to unlock an achievement the game instead just closes. Thankfully with auto-saves I'm able to restart the game, and pick up just before, and the achievements always unlock with no issue on the second attempt.

    In contrast my brother is also playing it, but on the original Xbox One and hasn't mentioned any crashes in his game.
  • AStarfoxAStarfox433,001
    Posted on 21 June 18 at 13:18Permalink
    Brian your spot on. I had the same thing for releasing the Spinosaurus and T-Rex achievement. Unfortunately the achievement for all entertainment missions is still locked for me though. Maybe i'll try loading it up on a previous save after I've gone for a couple other achievements.

    I'm playing on the Xbox One S.
  • Posted on 21 June 18 at 18:03Permalink
    I am on the X and not had any crashes. I do get some big slow down when moving around fast after playing a while.

    I also do not have any DLC. I have seen some people having issues downloading pre-order skins after reinstalling the game and Microsoft is working on putting them back in the ready to install menu.
  • Brianx88Brianx88342,007
    Posted on 21 June 18 at 21:04Permalink
    Damn, so I've found another pretty big issue ties to these crashes.

    So one of the games achievements, "I read your book", is tied to completing the InGen Database. One of the unlocks in there, the Archive Memos, are obtained by maxing out your reputation with each Division.

    I've been doing that today and as I was about to max out my Entertainment, the game crashed. I restarted it, found my rep was still maxed out, but the Memo wasn't. I've also let my rep go down and maxed it again and it didn't unlock it then either.

    Let's hope this is something they'll fix in tomorrows Fallen Kingdom patch, because otherwise this is gonna make this achievement a real headache for people, as one wrong crash and you might need to start the entire game again.
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