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Poll: When Do You Want the Next Xbox Console to Release?

Posted on 23 June 18 at 23:51
so many people are only just buying this gens console.. i know as i work in it.
Despite the games we are now getting, I really dont believe Xb1 has delivered as a console worth having yet. In fact neither has ps4 expect for a small handfull of titles.
We really have not got to the same 2011-2012 hayday of exceptional quality and ammount we got on 360. Really doesnt seem like we are climaxing just yet.

hell unreal engine is still doing big updates that are changing dev pipelines drasticly. So means 2-3 years till seeing that leap again
Legohead 1977
Legohead 1977
Posted on 24 June 18 at 00:00
As far away as possible...still trying to clear 360 games, let alone X1.
Legohead 1977
Buff Beefbroth
Posted on 24 June 18 at 00:25
I'm spoiled by how long the 360 lasted.
Yummy Baklava
Yummy Baklava
Posted on 24 June 18 at 00:46
I vote 2020, by then I think Xbox Live will come to an end on the Xbox 360 and they will move all their online resources to the Xbox One and the next Xbox console.
Posted on 24 June 18 at 02:04
It took me almost 2 years to upgrade from the 360 to the One. So if the next Xbox comes in 2021, I might get it by 2023. I would rather it come out as late as possible, but I think '21 is a fair date, I'm sure Microsoft would like to end this Gen as soon as possible.

Also MS will be able to release it on the 20th anniversary of the OG Xbox.
Posted on 24 June 18 at 03:26
2020 is the perfect year also i dont count the xbox one x as a new console but just as different variant like the xbox 360 s and e consoles and i never bought it as well always stuck with the original consoles just like i am with my xbox one
Mobius Evalon
Mobius Evalon
Posted on 24 June 18 at 04:39
Ideally I'd prefer that the console market re-evaluates their position in the industry instead.

The whole selling point of a console was two-fold only:
a) any game stamped with the same logo that appears on the console works in it;
b) you didn't have to fuck around with installs and updates that are ridonkulous in size or frequency.

Point B is a distant memory, and given the power of modern consoles it's really getting to the point where they should just forego the console. We all know they take a loss on console sales and make it back in their multiplayer services and/or game sales, so you're basically only getting a subsided, gimped PC out of the deal. Just save up a couple extra hundred and buy a gaming rig.
My opinions are often unpopular and acerbic.
Epic Louie
Epic Louie
Posted on 24 June 18 at 04:54
I wish it was out already.
Posted on 24 June 18 at 05:02
I'm actually really excited to see Ryzen tech in our next Xbox, so the sooner the better for me. With Phil hinting HUGE at E3 that the next big thing he wants to see in next-gen is 4k@60, I think we'll see not only an increase in framerates, but also more realistic physics and even more lifelike animations and extremely high-detailed character models.

With costs creating limitations in the console biz, I totally get that it's extremely hard to pull off in the present. But in about 3 years, Ryzen tech will be a bit more advanced AND it's cost will have come down for some of the mid-range type of processors, which could handle dishing out 4k@60.

As it stands right now, the One X is quite capable of pulling off 60FPS, even in some open world games with just a measly 2.3 Ghz processor with old Jaguar tech. Sure, that's with the resolution bumped down to 1080p (or possibly even lower. I have a feeling FH4 will only pull off 60FPS with something around 900p). I'm honestly hoping to see Ryzen tech with around 3.0 Ghz in the next Xbox, coupled with quite possibly 24 GB of DDR5 RAM. In 3 years, I could see that costing around $400-$500.
The Globalizer
Posted on 24 June 18 at 05:54
Later. Gaming has already become too obsessed with style over substance as it is.
A Dreadful Shot
Posted on 24 June 18 at 06:06
Police Knight
Posted on 24 June 18 at 06:57
I hope one can last long like 360. I need more time to play the existing games.
Posted on 24 June 18 at 07:00, Edited on 24 June 18 at 07:03 by mjswooosh
What I would personally prefer differs somewhat from when I think Phil & co. will actually bring the next Xbox to market.

Based on everything I've pieced together, it does appear that they're going to shoot for a late/holiday 2020 release. I'm mostly fine with that. My only strategic reservations would have to do with picking the right timing in terms of CPU/GPU size...if it appears that there won't be much or any benefit in the cost/efficiency of a 7nm Ryzen part between a 2020 launch vs waiting until 2021, then earlier is "better" if we frame this vs. Sony. If, however, it does look like fab production efficiencies will improve greatly in that span then it may be better to hold off so as to give a better chance of having high yields per wafer & lower cost per part, which may allow them to hit the magical sweet spot of $399 this time. Both MS & Sony will, as always, jockey for positioning not only in terms of console power, but release window so we have to also take that into account.

In an ideal world, my personal preference would be for a 2021 or even 2022 release since, frankly, I have a massive backlog on multiple, multi-gen platforms with over 500 games on Xbone alone. I'm in no rush for next gen at this point. So, for the first time, I'm considering not being the first one in line for the latest Xbox. I'm a sucker for shiny new hardware (be it PC or console), but I'm thinking if they release in 2020 I may hold off for a year or two while the cross-gen games I can play on X1X work thru the pipeline & Scarlet builds up a solid library of games. I dunno...it'll be difficult...I've proven I can hold off on Sony's updated offerings (bought a couple PS4s at launch...but still don't have a Pro yet...tho am planning on picking one up for X-Mas given the right deal/discount...)...but any new Xbox is kryptonite to my wallet. lol I've picked up at least one of every Xbox iteration this gen. Still...I think I may take a "wait n see" on Scarlet if they go with a 2020 release & pick it up a year or two later when there's a Black Friday deal or X-Mas bundle of some type.
The Elite Elite
Posted on 24 June 18 at 11:04
2020 is honestly the latest that next gen should come out. The Xbox One and PS4 were outdated hardware at the time they came out. They certainly do not have a 360/PS3 lifecycle in them.
Posted on 24 June 18 at 12:36
My Xbox One feels slow and clunky, I don't really want to buy an Xbox One X as I don't feel there is enough benefit from it, so the sooner we hit the next gen, the better.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 24 June 18 at 15:19
XPhiles in IA said:
are we seriously talking about this already? screw this...ill go pour my money instead into that classic car ive been wanting to build. oh but wait i might get flamed for having nothing nice to say.

i hope it has more colors
i hope it has less colours wink
In a room full of emptiness
Posted on 24 June 18 at 15:58
How about 10 yrs from now, fuck!
Posted on 24 June 18 at 17:00
Well i went with 2020, But that's me thinking like a gamer. As two corporations locked in battle next gen will start when Sony say's it starts, which will be ASAP if their smart.

Because Sony knows while they wont get us all, There will be another % fed up once again forking over 5 bills yet again for anther box that has no exclusive games, And i'll need some of those launch titles, And play & charge kits, and 2 extra controllers for my friends, and im sorry sir put that thing and what ever letters and numbers they've named it this time im tired of it.. I'll take that PS5 with those exclusive games.
Posted on 24 June 18 at 18:15
When Elder Scrolls VI is ready.
Posted on 24 June 18 at 19:21
NawtyCawty said:
2023 at least
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