Game Discussion: Jurassic World Evolution

Achievements not unlocking?

  • Posted on 24 June 18 at 11:40Permalink
    So my Xbox was being weird and wasn't unlocking achievements when the requirements were met. All but one I have been able to just repeat to unlock them apart from the unlock Isla Pena one. Anyone else had this? Not sure whether to wait it out and see if it unlocks eventually or if i'd need to start from scratch.
  • Posted on 24 June 18 at 16:01Permalink
    There are other threads on this issue. If an achievement bugs out, you have to wait on an update then meet the requirements again after the update. The updates don't seem to fix achievements specifically, but resets the game so it no longer thinks you have the achievement so you can unlock it.

    I was just missing simple things like releasing a T-rex and letting it eat a goat. I do not know how hard it is to unlock the mission achievements. You can have more than one save file, so that might be something to start on just in case.
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