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Force Unleashed 2 USB Drive

Posted on 19 January 11 at 05:28
I picked up the collectors edition of the Force Unleashed 2, it comes with a 2gb USB drive. Now i'm not sure if I should have posted this in XBox Help or not (since it is game associated), but the stupid USB drive doesn't work in the 360.

I put it into my laptop to see what Bonus Content was on it, before the 360 would delete all of it and configure it for the system itself. So I don't care that its all gone now. But when I put it into my 360 and told it to Configure the device, after 2 minutes or so, I get an error message saying:

"Your device failed the data loss test and can't be configured. Please use a different device."

So the 360 has deleted all the content off of it and its blank now. My PC and laptop still read it fine and it works perfectly for them. But one of the reasons I bought the Collectors Edition of this game was because I wanted a new USB drive, since my old one was only a 512mb. But why even put it with the game if its not compatible with the system you bought the game for?

I have a friend who also purchased the Collectors Edition, and he tried his as well and got the same message. So apparently its not just mine, the 360 doesn't like these Star Wars USB drives.

So now i'm planning on buying another one, does anyone know a compatible brand that works with the 360 so I don't waste my money. I know that there are Xbox branded USB Flash Drives (8gb and 16gb) but Microsoft wants $35 and $70 for them and thats a ripoff. I found this one on amazon for $7.29 and was wondering if I should buy it or not:

Any help would be appreciated.
Posted on 19 January 11 at 07:47
Check out this list:
Doctor of the Peggle Arts
Vandel Buster
Vandel Buster
Posted on 25 January 11 at 10:54
Go to Target and buy a cheap "Dane-Elec" brand USB drive. I did, for stuff on my computer, and I put it in my Xbox and it worked fine after configuration. They're red and they have a bunch of different sizes.

...or look at the other persons reply and search that list.
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