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Three Fields Entertainment Releases First Trailer For Danger Zone 2

  • DamnSillyDamnSilly913,400
  • SpilnerSpilner772,305
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 12:04Permalink
    So now its almost exactly like burnouts crash mode with proper locations.
    Pom poms at the ready, cheerleaders!
  • S1yfaS1yfa378,878
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 12:10Permalink
    I liked the first one, it was fairly decent fun for a few hours for a reasonable price. But it did get a bit repetitive by the end. Hopefully new locations will add some variety.

    Going by the trailer, what strikes me most is the amount of driving needed to get to the crash zone is hugely extended. Also, literally no graphical updates by the looks of it, the HUD is the game, the pickups are the same. Finally, it all seemed a bit drab and unexciting with the lack of any music.
  • Posted on 02 July 18 at 12:29Permalink
    Doesn’t look all that much differently from the first one. What a shame.
  • DAN5KI97DAN5KI97358,800
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 13:58Permalink
    Wtf how is this even allowed? laugh
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 14:23Permalink
    yes please!
    Weak sauce
  • AngelTiddlesAngelTiddles244,130
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 18:26Permalink
    Great, so now they're pulling an Apple trick. The stuff that was broke/missing in the first, release as a new title instead of fixing the first via updates.

    I wanted the first game, but if this is their attitude, no thanks.
  • Posted on 03 July 18 at 17:27Permalink
    Looks a bit janky.
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