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Mastermind Achievement

  • pdean52pdean5277,967
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 12:29Permalink
    Looking for a partner to boost the Mastermind achievement using VeiRoN v2's achievement guide i.e., completing the 2 setup jobs for the Fleeca Bank heist then calling Lester to cancel. Note that set-up will need to be alternated between players due to the financial loss involved ($11.5k per heist).

    Another 20 platinum medals required myself to unlock.

    UK based player online evenings BST with mic.

    Message me via TA or XBL if interested - happy to help with other achievements if needs be....!!
  • Rey27Rey27214,606
    Posted on 03 July 18 at 00:30Permalink
    Yo I'm interested but our time zones may not work out. I'm available 6-12pm Central Time.
  • pdean52pdean5277,967
    Posted on 03 July 18 at 07:22Permalink
    I'll add you on XBL and if we're online at the same time maybe we can boost some medals?
  • Rey27Rey27214,606
    Posted on 15 July 18 at 15:32Permalink
    Of course
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