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Is Co-op easier?

  • Villa IVilla I511,224
    Posted on 02 July 18 at 18:58Permalink
    Just wondering if you can get S+ ranks in Co-op.

    If anyone has tried it, is it easier? Havent had the opportunity to try it out yet, but if it is easier i dont wanna go to hard in solo campaign. Just got to 3-1 with S+ on all previous levels, they are already taking their time though.

    Especially wondering about Infinity Mode tried it once and got to layer 15, choked against the boss missing all my secondary shots :') it was a struggle to get there i got really low on battery all the time. Seems like it would be easier in Co-op.
  • Posted on 02 July 18 at 22:30Permalink
    I tried out that AI modifier just to try it, and each "player" had their own combo meter. I'm not really sure how it handles multiple players. If it's the same as regular S+ where it's lose-your-combo-you-lose-S+ then I can see it being much harder because you'd have to worry about others taking your kills + having to try and maintain a combo and your life in a mess of on-screen garble (the Cuphead problem, essentially). I wouldn't put much stock in it.

    I'm exactly where you are, though. 3-2 absolutely has my number right now, must have spent an hour on attempts for that already. Did manage Infinity Mode already though. I'd hoped to snag that 10th completion but Remeki beat me to the punch... and considering how much I'm slowing down on the S+ ranks, might not even get 11th cry
    I work on achievements. Life sanity tip: don't work on achievements.
  • OppaErichOppaErich237,430
    Posted on 06 July 18 at 12:21Permalink
    Oh f.., I'm getting too old for this. Couldn't beat the first boss, I get him down to about 20% and then I'm out of battery. And I'm having a hard time to just get there. shock
  • Posted on 06 July 18 at 21:53, Edited on 06 July 18 at 21:53 by Vossey van JossPermalink
    @OppaErich Use the flame thrower on it. It's not that difficult.
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