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Friday the 13th Celebrates Latest Update With Double XP Week

Moldy Tacos5000
Posted on 06 July 18 at 02:47
Chuck710Taylor said:
Better hurry man. You trying to start it everyone else trying to finish it. Achievements like 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason and counselors is tedious. These two alone are next to impossible without dedicated servers or host migration.
No, they’re not. Anyone that has completed it does not care about either of those things.
Posted on 06 July 18 at 03:16, Edited on 06 July 18 at 03:17 by Evandalist
Crater Bob said:
Fanta Morgana said:
SwordofWhedon said:
In theory, they could still make costumes and accessories, as none of those require licensing.

I think they’re hoping this will resolve before they have to shut it down, but are prepared for the worst
That is not what the developers said. They said they can't develop any content.
It seems kinda nonsensical, but then again I'm not a copyright lawyer.
They still can make money off the game though. You can still go to the store and buy everything released so far. Maybe I'll buy the game if its on a deep enough discount.
Also I feel like they should have incorporated the fact that we have a friday the 13th in July into this event.
But Larry Zerner (who played Shelley in Part 3) IS a copyright lawyer these days, and he said on a podcast recently that there'll be a trial date set for next year to get the rights back so Gun Media and Illfonic can get back to making new content for the game, we just have to see what happens in 2019.

Here's the full interview:
1.) He's just a lawyer, not a judge. It's a judge who is going to render a verdict on this case, so lawyer status aside, all he's doing is speculating like the rest of us. His speculation may be more informed than ours from a legal standpoint, but it's still speculation nonetheless. Furthermore he doesn't speak for the devs at all, and that leads me to point #2.

2.) Gun Media has already said they're not publishing any more content for this game, regardless of whether they (Sean Cunningham) get a favorable verdict or not. It's that cut and dry. Enough with this holding out hope/spreading false information stuff. All you're doing is misleading fans of the game in to thinking there might still be a way that we can get new content. There isn't.
Here lies a trite quote from somebody in history you might recognize. It's delightfully witty, yet concurrently incisive, and not at all pretentious.
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