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  • psybOltOnpsybOltOn304,590
    Posted on 03 December 21 at 20:12
    NicoleRenee00 said:
    psybOltOn said:
    educatedmarine said:
    Hello! Playing through after a break and enjoying it :). I just ran into a problem though where just before Chapter 5 in Route B, the game dev machine did not spawn until I had visited Pascal's village. I don't know if this was just for me or if it's for everyone but I thought I would mention it :)
    If I remember correctly, it was there for me after the fight with Simone. The wiki seems to support this, though a bug where it only appears after meeting Pascal is also possible. If someone else reporting the same issue, I'll update this part accordingly.
    Can confirm, had the same issue with the quest not appearing. Great walkthrough so far. toast
    Thank you for the feedback. I added an info box mentioning this before Chapter 05 and added you to the credits as well. The updates are sent to review and should be out any time.
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