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DYING : Reborn (CN) Walkthrough Discussion

Information Posted on 05 July 18 at 19:14
Please use this thread to discuss the DYING : Reborn (CN) walkthrough
Information Posted on 06 July 18 at 22:35
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: DYING : Reborn (CN) Walkthrough
Posted on 21 July 19 at 20:28, Edited on 21 July 19 at 21:01 by SpeleoFool
Already got stuck on the 7th bullet. smile

You need to have the screwdriver blade as your active inventory item to pry open the middle drawer with the screwdriver handle (otherwise that drawer is stuck or locked and will not open). This is not so obvious in the CN edition. :-)

For that matter, neither are the controls for combining inventory parts. The level of detail in the following solution would be helpful in the CN walkthrough:
vSully DYING : Reborn Mathew, You're Smart vSully's solution for the Mathew, You're Smart Achievement in DYING : RebornSuccessfully combined items for the first time.

Ok, 2nd edit. After using the TV at the end of Section 1 you need to return to the door you unlocked (with the red box on it) and open it to trigger the cutscene, end of Section 1

Nitpicky, but in Section 2 while repairing the radio you need to align the dials in the electrical box after placing and taping the cord.
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